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PO Release Strategy

M Raja
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Hi all,



As we all know that , based on net amount release strategy will be affected. If we want to keep a check on the gross amount ( for eg: if  any conditions records further added ,which will be effecting the gross amount not the net amount) is there any way to configure the release strategy for the same. how can we do it.


please suggest . thanks in advance.




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    Pardeep Malik
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    You have to append a new field BRTWR  in CEKKO for Gross Price.



    Take the help of ABAPER....







    Pardeep Malik

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    Lalita Kadambala
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    Just adding the  field is not enough..........you need to modify the code also:-



    For contracts and schedule agreements the total value on the

    header level (CEKKO-KTWRT) is taken into account for CEKKO-GNETW.


    For PO's, the item values are added and this value is the CEKKO-GNETW.



    (KTWRT) is used in relation to the net value (GNETW).


      The system is designed as such.

      Please see the code below as a reference:



           if ekko-bstyp eq bstyp-best.

              cekko-gnetw = cekko-gnetw + pot-netwr. **********************



    if ekko-bstyp eq bstyp-kont or

      ekko-bstyp eq bstyp-lfpl.

      cekko-gnetw = ekko-ktwrt.



    This will invlove lot of development