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Give me the Best Scenario for Chemical Manufacturing

Giridharan Venkatachalam
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Hi Experts



Pls Give me the Best Scenario for following:


To make XYZ there is two stages as follows:



To make Semi finished item ABC for XYZ: (My Scenario: Prod. Order1)


Item A + Item B + Item C


To make Final item XYZ: (My Scenario: Prod. Order2)


Semi finished item ABC + Item X + Item Y + Item Z


Finally I will get the Finished Item XYZ in ltrs:


Again my client will sells as like XYZ 100ml, XYZ 200ml, XYZ 450ml, XYZ 2ltrs, XYZ 5ltrs, XYZ 20ltrs.


No :1 (My Scenario: Goods issue in ltrs for Finished Item XYZ in ltrs)


No:2 (My Scenario: Make Goods Receipt against the Good issue qty


For Ex: Good issue


XYZ -3ltrs u20131000Rs


Good receipt:


XYZ 2ltrs-1--


XYZ 450ml -2----900ml-300.333Rs

XYZ 100ml -1-----100ml--033.00Rs So total 3litres and 1000Rs of Good Issue (XYZ -3ltrs u20131000Rs).


Here in my scenario I am some what feeling that lot of chances is there to miss the price difference B/n G.I & G.R, calculation of qty to match the good issue and Calculation of correct item price to have Item cost.


So how to Overcome this issueu2026u2026.





This is Standard Process for The items to sell:

Also the items XYZ 100ml will be sold in One Box which has 60 bottles of each 100ml.

Also the items XYZ 200ml will be sold in One Box which has 30 bottles of each 200ml.

Also the items XYZ 450ml will be sold in One Box which has 24 bottles of each 450ml.

Also the items XYZ 2litres will be sold in One Box which has 10 Jars of each 2litres.


Also while selling, Cartoons or Box used for packing the goods so inventory of packaging has to be reduce while doing Delivery document.


So Pls give me the Best way to implement in Our SAP.





Item master setup:

XYZ 100mlu2014Sales UoM:Bottles-Item per sales unit:60-Packaging UoM(Sales):1Cartoon u2013 60Bottles.


Eagerly waiting for your reply




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