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withholding tax amount blank in fbl1n

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Dear Gurus,


We had booked three bills through transaction code fb60. withholding tax applicable for 3 invoice. when i generate report(fbl1n) we found that the withholding tax amount information is coming blank in 2 bills out of 3 bills though it is properly stored in tabel with_holding items. The document type is KR.


Please advice,





Rajesh K

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    Hi there is a reply from a colleague as below shown:

    """"Please be kindly aware that: in Extended withholding tax, the withholding tax information is stored in table WITH_ITEM. For a vendor or customer line item of table BSEG, there maybe a lot of withholding tax information and therefore several entries in table WITH_ITEM. It is not technically possible to display a lot of withholding tax information for a customer or vendor line item in the line item display. To always keep the data consistent when you use several withholding tax types, the system does not update the fields, that were originally filled for the classic withholding tax, for document changes. All of the relevant withholding tax data is stored exclusively in table WITH_ITEM. It basically does not make any sense to use the withholding tax fields of the document line items (BSEG-QSSKZ, BSEG-QSSHB, BSEG-QBSHB) with the activated extended withholding tax. Solution: Remove the field which contains the withholding tax information (fieldBSEG-QSSHB) from your display variant. If you want to display the withholding tax information, double-click on the document number and subsequently choose 'Withholding tax'. Please go through the note 363309. About MIRO please be informed that You can see the WT data into MIR4 only if You insert them manually. If not the WT tab remains empty but the System correctly will fill the WT data into the FI follow on document. I hope this helps. Mauri""":