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Repair full request in BI 7.0

sridhar k
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How to use Repair full request in BI 7.0?



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    Dennis Scoville
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    A Full Repair extraction request is a data request for data that has previously been extracted and loaded to a target InfoProvider. These types of requests can be updated in every target InfoProvider, even if that target already has the data from an initialization or Init w/ Data Transfer for this DataSource.


    Typically Full Repair requests are used to "fill in the gaps" where Delta extractions didn't extract all delta records (this does happen from time-to-time), a delta extraction process failed and couldn't be restarted or to re-synchronize the data in BW with the source system. These types of requests are also useful for the times when you're initially extracting large volumes of data, whereby you execute an Init w/o Data Transfer and execute multiple paralell InfoPackages that are Full Repair requests with specific selection criteria.


    Once a Full Repair request has been done, you can load to a target InfoProvider using either a Delta or Full load DTP. The scenario would dictate which to use. If the DSO is empty a Delta load DTP will work just fine (all of the PSA records are deltas and therefore would be loaded). A Full load DTP would only be appropriate for a truncated target InfoProvider or a non-cumulative Key Figure target DSO (Key Figures are overwritten).


    To make an InfoPackage a Full Repair request, make sure that the Update tab has the Full Update radio button selected and then go into the menu option Scheduler > Full Repair Request and check the Indicate Request as Repair Request checkbox. Finally save the InfoPackage.

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    Santhosh Nagaraj
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    Full Load is made Repair Full to Initialize if loading an ODS but however you dont need to worry abt the same in Netweaver 7.0 as DTP is taking care of the loading from PSA to DSO.

    Initialization can be done after a full load as the load is only till PSA ( At Datasource Level ).

    DTP doesnot require any initialization.

    U can jst do a Delta DTP after a Full DTP to a DSO or u can even start with a Delta DTP directly.

    For the first time -> Delta DTP = Full DTP !!




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