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Identifying the relevant datasource

Jonathan Benjamin
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In my project, we have decided the necessary fields we would be needing. Now how do we find out which datasource contains these fields. Also how do we find out which ODS and cube to use.





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    Ashfaq Shaik
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    First find out which module Datasource you required.

    below are few standard Datasouces which may required .

    PS (Project system Data Sources)


    0PS_CLM_CST                    Claim Costs                                                    

    0PS_CSH_NTW                    Network Plan Payments                                          

    0PS_CSH_NWA                    Payments on Network Plan Process                               

    0PS_CSH_ORD                    Payments on Orders                                             

    0PS_CSH_WBS                    Payments on WBS Elements                                       

    0PS_DAT_MLS                    Dates Milestones                                               

    0PS_DAT_NAE                    Dates Network Operation Element                                

    0PS_DAT_NTW                    Network dates                                                  

    0PS_DAT_NWA                    Dates Network Operation                                        

    0PS_DAT_PRJ                    Date Project                                                   

    0PS_DAT_WBS                    WBS Element Dates                                              

    0PS_KAP_NAE                    Extraction of Capacity Requirements for Activity Element       

    0PS_KAP_NWA                    Extraction of Capacity Requirements for Network Activity       

    0PS_NAE_EVA                    Progress in Network Activity Elements                          

    0PS_NTW_EVA                    Progress in Networks                                           

    0PS_NWA_EVA                    Progress in Network Activities                                 

    0PS_ORD_EVA                    Progress in Orders                                             

    0PS_WBS_EVA                    Progress in WBS Elements  


        SD (Sales and Distribution Data sources)


    2LIS_01_S001                   Customer                                          

    2LIS_01_S005                   Shipping point                                    

    2LIS_01_S264                   SD- Offer                                         

    2LIS_08TRFKP                   Shipment Costs at Item Level                      

    2LIS_08TRFKZ                   Shipment Costs at Delivery Item Level             

    2LIS_08TRTK                    Shipment: Header Data                             

    2LIS_08TRTLP                   Shipment: Delivery Item Data by Section           

    2LIS_08TRTS                    Shipment: Section Data                            

    2LIS_11_VAHDR                  Sales Document Header Data                        

    2LIS_11_VAITM                  Sales Document Item Data                          

    2LIS_11_VAKON                  Sales Document Condition                          

    2LIS_11_VASCL                  Sales Document Schedule Line                      

    2LIS_11_VASTH                  Sales Document Header Status                      

    2LIS_11_VASTI                  Sales Document Item Status                        

    2LIS_11_V_ITM                  Sales-Shipping Allocation Item Data               

    2LIS_11_V_SCL                  Sales-Shipping Allocation Schedule Line           

    2LIS_11_V_SSL                  Sales Document Order Delivery                     

    2LIS_12_VCHDR                  Delivery Header Data                              

    2LIS_12_VCITM                  Delivery Item Data                                

    2LIS_12_VCSCL                  Sales-Shipping Schedule Line Delivery             

    2LIS_13_VDHDR                  Billing Doc. Header Data                          

    2LIS_13_VDITM                  Billing Document Item Data                        

    2LIS_13_VDKON                  Billing Document Condition    


    MM Datasoure names


    2LIS_02_CGR                    Produced Activity: Delivery of Confirmations                 

    2LIS_02_HDR                    Purchasing Data (Header Level)                               

    2LIS_02_ITM                    Purchasing Data (Item Level)                                 

    2LIS_02_S011                   Purchasing groups                                            

    2LIS_02_S012                   Purchasing                                                   

    2LIS_02_S013                   Vendor Evaluation                                            

    2LIS_02_S015                   Subsequent Settlement: Evaluation                            

    2LIS_02_S174                   Services                                                     

    2LIS_02_SCL                    Purchasing Data (Schedule Line Level)                        

    2LIS_02_SCN                    Produced Activity: Confirmation of Schedule Lines            

    2LIS_02_SGR                    Produced Activity: Delivery of Schedule Lines                

    2LIS_03_BF                     Goods Movements From Inventory Management                    

    2LIS_03_BX                     Stock Initialization for Inventory Management                

    2LIS_03_S091                   WM: Quantity flows                                           

    2LIS_03_S194                   MRP: Business Info Warehouse                                 

    2LIS_03_S195                   Material movements: storage location                         

    2LIS_03_S196                   Goods movement: Plant                                        

    2LIS_03_S197                   Periodic storage location stock                              

    2LIS_03_S198                   Periodic plant stock                                         

    2LIS_03_UM                     Revaluations                                                                               

    FI-GL Financial Accounting : General Ledger


    0FI_GL_1                       General ledger: Transaction figures                           

    0FI_GL_10                      General Ledger: Leading Ledger Balances                       

    0FI_GL_2                       General ledger: Transaction figures - Cost of sales ledger    

    0FI_GL_4                       General Ledger: Line Items with Delta Extraction              

    0FI_GL_6                       General Ledger Sales Figures via Delta Extraction             

    0FI_GL_7                       General Ledger Cost of Sales Ledger via Delta Extraction      

    0FI_TX_4                       Taxes: Line Items by Means of Delta Extraction   


    PM _ Plant Maintainance


    2LIS_17_I0ACTY                 Maintenance Notifications - Activities         

    2LIS_17_I0CAUSE                Maintenance Notifications - Causes             

    2LIS_17_I0ITEM                 Maintenance Notifications - Items              

    2LIS_17_I0NOTIF                Maintenance Notifications                      

    2LIS_17_I0TASK                 Maintenance Notifications - Tasks              

    2LIS_17_I3HDR                  Plant maintenance orders                       

    2LIS_17_I3OPER                 Plant Maintenance Order Process

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    Swapnil Dharia
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    You know the tables frm which you want to fetch data. Based on tables you will understand the application under which these tables comes ,i.e. application like SD, MM ,HR etc.

    then either u can go to SAP provided documentation of the datasources & cubes DSO to find out particular datasources which fetch data frm these tables.

    or if these tables belonging to logistics application then go to LBWE & find the tables frm which datasources fetch the data

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    Nico van Jaarsveld
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    Hi Morpheus,


    There are 2 approaches:


    Compare data model with BI Content in the Meta Data repository (RSA1):


    1. Key Figure-Based Approach: (Top Down)

    -Break down your KPIs to basic key figures

    -Find your basic key figures in the metadata repository and compare them with business content repository

    -Compare your model with Business content InfoCube, queries & workbooks

    -Activate & install the nessecary objects in BI Content


    2. Datasource Approach (Bottom-Up)

    -Focus on the Datasources of your source system

    -Check in RSA5 in the sourse system to see the list of available datasources under each application component.

    -Speak to functional team to understand underlying tables that are read.

    -If you can't find an appropriate extractor then create a generic one in RSO2. (NB! only if you can't find the standard one)

    -Also check out the SAP Best Practices to see pre-configured scenarios that can speed up the implementation process.


    Hope it helps..

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    you can find the relevet datasource through the Metadata repository.

    you can follow bellow steps:


    1. Goto RSA1.

    2. Select Metadata Repository.

    3. Click on Search in Metadata Repository.

    4. Give the DSO/CUbe name in Search term box.

    5. Select relevent option from bellow list:


       b.DSO object.


    6. Double click on displayed DSO/Cube name.

    Then it will display the Dataflow from Source system to Queries with existing datatargets.