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Uploading Time data

Gilbert Raymond Munjoro
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Hi guys


Can anyone tell me how to go about collecting leave data. I would like to come up with a template that I can give the client so that users can populate it with data. What I am not sure is apart from name, employee number and leave balance (days) is there anything else I need to be included in the template?  Also I would like to know which infotypes in Time Management are required for this upload.


Thanks in advance.




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    Rajagopal Rengasamy
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    As time is concerned the below are important infotypes


    2006-Abs quota-yearly/New joinee


    50-Terminal id

    2011-Time events


    First create bdc or lsmw to upload the infotypes


    Mostly all need Personnel number, from date to to date and time


    with regards


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    Yogesh Salvi
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    For IT 0007

    Employee number  Start Date End Date Work Schedule



    Employee number  Start Date End Date Time record ID ,  Time event type group, Subsystem grouping, Grpg. att./absenc, EE expenses grpng



    IT2001 / IT2002


    Employee number  Absence Type Start Date End Date Start Time End Time




    Employee number  Absence Quota Type Start Date End Date Quoat Number Deduction from Dedcution To



    Employee number  Compenstion Type Start Date Number


    Hope this wil help u



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    dhenny muliawaty
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    Hi GRM


    you are talking about employee leave data

    --> will refer to leave data and leave quota.


    first you need to know whether your system use standard sap in managing their time data.


    current std sap use these infotypes:

    - IT2001 absences with subtype certain type of leave..

    - IT2006 absence quota

    old version use

    - IT0005 leave entitlement


    for template data preparation you can check your to system using tcode SE11



    dhenny muliawaty (pei pei)