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ME5J Report does not display the entire list of Purchase Reqs why?

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Hi ,


Can u help me understand better what ME5J does, becos when i try to filter my Purchase Reqs referring my WBS elemets ?

When i filter my Purchase Req REFERING WBS i see a list of 500 Purchase Reqs and when i paste the entire list in my range and execute i dont see all those purchase requistions . Out of 500 i see only 300.

Could someone let me why i dont see those 200 Purchase Req that were selected  ?

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    Edit Szabo
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    The report (ME5J) is originally created by the project system.                   

    In this report, when you enter the WBS element, the system will find all              

    relevant NETWORK activities and select all PRs which are relevant                  

    to those network activities.


    The PR is related to the WBS element from Project point of view.             

    But the WBS in the PR account assignment is relevant for stock valution.                                                                               

    Please check your project. If it has the setting of valuated project stock:                                                                               

    If you create a PR with L, that means it will be a stock item.               

    You can create PR and reservation with WBS element by choosing               

    the radio button in the popup screen.                                        

    In this case, the system will create a PR immediately with WBS element           

    as ACCOUNT ASSIGNMENT, because it is a valuated project stock.                                                                               

    If you create a PR with N, that means it will be a non-stock item,           

    You can only choose to create a PR for network in the popup screen,          

    there is no possibility to create a PR with WBS element in this case.        

    Therefore, there is no WBS element in the PR account assignment.             

    And the project stock will not be valuated for this PR since it              

    is a non-stock item.                                                         




    This is different from report ME57. ME57 is an MM report, here we don't              

    care about the relationship between network and WBS element, therefore              

    only the PR with WBS in account assignment will be selected.