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Close spool request

Anabela Fernandes
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I have one program, that calls transaction code CIP2. When I run in backgound, it creates spool request but with 0 pages.


And have the message:

      • ERROR => missing close of spool request [rspoooh.c    1173]


If I run this program without background and calls CIP2, it runs well and no spool is created.


Any idea how to solve this problem? or close the spool request?


All ideias are welcome.


Best regards,

Anabela Fernandes

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    Harsh Bhalla
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    Hi ,


    I can provide you with below points :


    1. Spool generation is mainly used incase of background jobs, as in online execution has not meaning .Also, in your report the same is followed.


    2. When your report run in background Then , you have submitted to spool.you need to check the implementation at this place.

    Either searc for sy-batch or submit statement.At this place check if proper logic is implemented like get print parameters, get job id , submit to spool and close of job. You can easily solve this

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      Anabela Fernandes
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      Hi Harsh,


      When my program run in background it is done by one job and run when one event occurs.


      My program calls CIP2 with FM PROCESS_CC2_MESSAGES_PARALLEL. So I can't use the command SUBMIT.


      The spools request are created in backgound.


      I was think to do like: at end of program if sy-batch = 'X' -> Close the pending spool requests. But I don't know how to do it. Any idea?


      Thanks in advance.



      Anabela Fernandes