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MRP profile

anuja patel
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What is the use of MRP profile..


please give a clarification in SAP and if possible with an explanation and settings..



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    Abhijit Gautam
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    MRP profile you assign at the cretaion of material master in MM01at Organizational levels -


    In an MRP profile, you define


    1.which fields are filled with values when MRP data is entered in the material master record,

    2.which values these fields have,

    3.which of these values can be overwritten and which not.



    The information stored in a profile is standard information that is needed again and again in similar constellations when material master records are maintained. Thus the MRP profile is a useful entry aid and makes it easier to manage MRP data.


    TCODE MMD1/2/3



    Abhijit Gautam


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    R Brahmankar
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    Please refer this link,

    What is MRP profile





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    Anupam Sharma
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    MMD1 is the transaction code for creating MRP profile.  In MRP profile you can create your own record or file, when you use the transaction.  Give the name and description to your own profile and you can select the fixed values and/or default values from the option given of the MRP fields.  For eg. if you select or tick the check box against procurement type in the fixed values column then click on screen 1 to fix the value. You get the option of different procurement types, if you select from these option and save , your profile is created .

    Now, go to material master in the MRP2 screen and go to main menu >edit>MRP profile.   In this, you can assign your profile which has been created by you.  So now you will see that the procurement type has become fixed value for your material and which cannot be changed in the material master . 


    You can only do the changes if you change your profile again (MMD2) or do not assign any profile.  Similarly, you can store the default values if you require in MRP profile.  



    Anupam Sharma

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    kumar kumar
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    Hi Anuja ,

                    MRP profie stores the default values for the material . Here you can maintain the all filed values relavant to MRP views in material Master (Ex:MRP TYPE , Planned delevery time ) .


    Here you have the option of allowing the fieldsvalues to be  overwritten or not  .


    When you crete the Material master enter the MRP profile on the screen of organization level , Then all the parameters you maintained in the MRP profile will copied to the material master .


    This will b e useful if you create more number of material master with similar MRP parameters .


    If you enter the tick mark in Write-protected in matl maintenance check box you can not change the value in the material master.


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