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Maximum possible length of path is 300 characters (error in CAF)

Flores Flores
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I am working with CE 711, and when I deploy my CAF project, I get this message:


"Caused by: com.sap.engine.frame.core.configuration.InvalidValueException: ConfigurationPath "apps/bb.com.mx/crindresloanresolutionear/webservices_container/bb.com.mxcrindresloanresolution~ejbmodule_EJB/META-INF/wsdl/b47f8061-91b0-11de-a7ed-02004c4f4f50/wsdl/4f892411-6a71-11de-c7cb-02004c4f4f50/wsdl/ed02b201-70b2-11de-a207-001c23356462/xml/ext/5816BD4E-6F0A-473C-03EC-93066516/wsdl/int" too long! Maximum possible length of path is 300 characters."


My project has many dependences and i have noticed that inside META_INF directory external Web Services references means a lot of information inside xml/ext directory....


Is any way to increase the 300 characters limit???


I hope someone can answer with any tip.




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