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Check value field assignment for condition ZXXA message KE/AD243

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While releasing the billing Doc. the following error is occuring.


Check value field assignment for condition ZXXA

Message no. KE/AD243


When condition "ZXXA" (application "V") was transferred to the value field "VVXXA" in operating concern "!AXYZ" in Profitability Analysis, the following became apparent:

The condition can take both positive and negative values

The flag "Transfer values with +/- signs" has not be set in Customizing for value field assignment.

Inconsistencies in the data could occur as a consequence.



assigned the Condition type to value filed in KE4I. but did not ticked the +/- sign.

(Did not tick for other Condition types....these documents are posted)


In the condition type the GL account assiged is both P/L accounts with Cost element categegory as "11" Revenues.

Assigned GL accounts in the VKOA for GL accounts and Provison A/c column for KOFI,Sales Org,ActKy,ChAc,



Pls help.

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    Chintan Joshi
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    When condition type for sales deduction is used then it is necessary to tick +/- sign. This condition type must be of discount or it must be deducting value out of total sales. Moreover G/L assigned to this condition type must be created as cost element with category 11. When you select +/- sign Net Sales is updated in COPA.




    Use transaction KE4I and select +/- sign for sales deduction condition types.




    Chintan Joshi.