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Order-related intercompany BIlling - RVIVAUFT

M. Mikkili
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Dear SAP Experts,


Currently I am doing the Order-related intercompany Billing, However the 2nd billing document is not created. I have referred to OSS notes and they are referring to report RVIVAUFT and the output type RDIV and copy control settings.


I have made the copy control settings (Orderīƒ  Billing - Requirement 036 in the Item cat.) and I could not find the output type RDIV (Billing outputs). I am using ECC6.0


- Can anybody tell me how to use this report RVIVAUFT, which billing documents I have give in the selection screen?

- What is the standard output type i can copy to create RDIV?

- Is there any additional configuration I need to do for Order-related intercompany Billing?




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    Rajesh Banka
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    Check the Inter-Company configuration again. Probably , some settings may be missing.



    Rajesh Banka

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    Y N Raghavendra
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    Hello Murali,


    For the functionality of Order-related Intercompany Billing, please

    review the Note 63459.


    Since you are on ECC600, please refer to Solution part of the Note:

    381042 Order-related intercompany billing in Releases.


    Solution from the note:

    This is implemented in Release 5.0 or with Support Package SAPKH46C15

    for Release 4.6C.


    Then the following applies:


        o  Report RVIVAUFT instead of report ZZIVAUFT


        o  Standard requirement 036 'Item/order related IB'

           Use this requirement in the copying requirement for billing

           documents for your process flow.


        o  Standard requirement 018 'Order-related IB' istead of

           customer-specific output requirement 990.

           Use this requirement in the output determination procedure of

           your billing documents (in the standard system, this is procedure

           V10000 'Billing outputs') for output type RDIV.


        o  Standard ouptput type RDIV instead of customer-specific output

           type ZZIV.

    I hope the information is helpful.



    Raghavendra YN

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      M. Mikkili
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      Hello Raghavendra,


      I have already implemented the notes you have referred, however the process is not working.


      Let me tell you my requirement in detail:-


      We have two company codes one in India (Comp 1) and second in Germany(Comp 2) who provides the service to their customers.



      The German Company sells the Service to customers in Germany, however the service is done from India remotely. Once the service is done German company will create an Invoice to customer and Indian company will invoice the German company



      - I have made all the settings for the Intercompany Sales (Delivery related Intercompany)

      - Customized according to the notes 381042.


      Master Data:-

      - Extended the Material to Germany company

      - Maintained the Intercompany pricing conditions.

      - Condition record for RDIV is maintained



      1. Customer order is created in German Company (VA01)

      2. Customer Invoice is created in German Company (VF01)

      3. Execute the report RVIVAUFT to create the Invoice to Germany Company. (SE38)


      So When I execute the report RVIVAUFT, system is giving a message Material is not maintained.


      Can you please let me know whether I am following the right steps in the system?




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    G Lakshmipathi
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    Check note 64883 or 737418



    G. Lakshmipathi