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Type Mov 311 and 411

Armando Cruz
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Hi all,


Do you can explain about difference and use type mov 311 and 411, they are same to use as transfers or have use specify.


Thank you for help.



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    girang irawan
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    You can see the list of movement in the following link



    Movement type 411 mainly use to transfer for special sales order stock that can be seen on below link



    Whereas 311 is mainly use to transfer normal bucket stock (such as unrestricted use) between storage location to other storage location.




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    SAP FC
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    311 movt is used to transfer stock from one Storage Location (SL) to another SL within a plant.


    whereas 411 movt is used to transfer stock from special stock category such as K (Vendor Consignment), E (Sales Order) to own stock (un-restricted) in a plant.


    Using MB1B transaction, you can do transfer postings with the above mov.types.


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    Ninad Kshirsagar
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    The movement types 311 and 411 they are used for Different process at different condition's,


    1) 311 is used for transferring Stock from unrestricted use of one storage location to unrestricted of another within same plant but it is used in STO process.

    and with this movement you may not found the Accounting document. but the Stock value will get Uploaded for the specified storage location level.


    2) 411 movement type is Specifically used in Consignment process in SAP.

    Whenever You will issue the material from Consignment stock to your unrestricted use. and this is bound to have a Accounting document generated in background with all stock liabilities will get transfered from vendor to Company/plant. and we need to run the  payment in accordance.


    as well the Tranc. Event key's used are also Different in these Cases.


    you can recalculate your knowledge by searching documents in MB59 with Movement type discription.



    Ninad Kshirsagar