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Entry  SCB  does not exist in T012 (check entry)

melissa wibisono
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Hi experts,


I'm trying to create a user entry field using set_field_catalog.

Some of the fields need to be filled by user is house bank = T012-HBKID and account id = T012K-HKTID.

After user key in the house bank and account id, I got the error message saying that the bank and that account id is not exist int table T012K.


But when I open the table T012K using SE16N. the house bank code and account id is there.


Below is my coding :


FORM f_set_alv.

  PERFORM f_set_field_catalog USING:
  'IT_REPORT'  'CHBOX'  '    '  'CHAR01'  'Issue Check Number',
  'IT_REPORT'  'BUKRS'  'BKPF'  'BUKRS'   'Company code',
  'IT_REPORT'  'BELNR'  'BKPF'  'BELNR_D' 'Document number',
  'IT_REPORT'  'GJAHR'  'BKPF'  'GJAHR'   'Fiscal year',
  'IT_REPORT'  'PANUM'  '    '  'ZPANUM'  'Agreement number',
  'IT_REPORT'  'BLDAT'  'BKPF'  'BLDAT'   'Document date',
  'IT_REPORT'  'BUDAT'  'BKPF'  'BUDAT'   'Posting date',
  'IT_REPORT'  'XBLNR'  'BKPF'  'XBLNR1'  'Reference',
  'IT_REPORT'  'DMBTR'  'BSEG'  'DMBTR'   'Amount',
  'IT_REPORT'  'SGTXT'  'BSEG'  'SGTXT'   'Item text',
  'IT_REPORT'  'HBKID'  'T012K' 'HBKID'   'House bank',
  'IT_REPORT'  'HKTID'  'PAYR'  'HKTID'   'Account ID',
  'IT_REPORT'  'STAPL'  'PCEC'  'STAPL'   'Cheque lot no',
  'IT_REPORT'  'DZORT1' 'PAYR'  'ZORT1'   'Payee city',
  'IT_REPORT'  'DZLAND' 'PAYR'  'ZLAND'   'Payee country'.

ENDFORM.                    "f_set_alv


The rest of the fields have no problem.  Anybody can help me ?