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"SAP Travel Management - questions regarding configuration and build"

sdn.sap Kumar
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Dear Experts


Our customer is interested in leveraging SAP Travel Management for employee expense reimbursement in SAP ECC 6.0. They do not currently use the SAP HR Module. They are using SAP PS, MM, and FI/CO. In order for our customer to build a business case, they  would like to understand the key activities required to setup SAP Travel Management.



For example, here are some questions they would like answered:



1) Because they are not using SAP HR, what would be the minimum effort required to configure and build SAP Travel Management?



2) Are there any special licensing requirements they may need to purchase for SAP TM?



3) What is the level of effort to configure and build SAP TM?



4) Is there a robust approval workflow on expense reimbursements within SAP TM?



5) Is there integration between SAP TM and MM for purchase requisition or purchase order creation?





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    Mohammed Quadri
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    Hello AMK,


    First of all your customer is NOT required to use SAP HR for their HR management i.e, they can continue to use the existing system but have to periodically maintain the masterdata in SAP HR.


    1) I believe they are still required to have masterdata for SAP HR as it is directly connected to SAP TM that your client is going to start using. So you are looking at setting SAP HR masterdata even though you do not want to use the same for your HR management.  This is required for transactions in Travel Management component.


    2)For licensing I believe they will need to have to pay extra on top of the current fee and am unsure whether annual licensing fee covers this or not ?


    3)This is normal and just like any other implementation.  In your case it purely depends on the proposed workflow structure that your client is willing to implement, approval hierarchy and accounting setup when postings end up in FI GL ledger.


    4)There are many different setups that can be done. However I can only give specific understanding on the setup that we currently follow at my client.


    5)Does this means when someone want to fly, they raise PO and once PO is approved , it goes and hits GR/IR account in MM and travel data is provided by Travel Provider in the form of data file that gets uploaded for the emp to complete the TRIP/Expense claim and financial postings are created in FI - GL.  It is little bit complicated and confusing but in all respects, very much possible. Elaborate the requirement of MM and TM integration.  Yes it can be done but before I confirm, please clarify your question further giving me a scenario.


    Hope the above answered most of your queries, if not all.  There is a best practice guide on TEM implementation. Let me know if you require.




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    Sheetu Arora
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    Hi !



    Travel Managemnt can be used to capture /track the any kind of Reimbursement & Travel Expense.....SAP HR is not required for the same as it comes under FI and to handle Rimbursement /Vendor payment , Reporting purpose ..this has integration with SAP HR ..whoch can be utilize if reimbirsment is required to trigger via payroll else thorugh FI it can be handled .