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RFC call failed: JCO.Server could not find server function 'SET_SLD_DATA'

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Hi, All


the system is PI 7.0 EHP1 oraclei Win2003 server, I configured SLD but I run RZ70, having error "RFC call failed: JCO.Server could not find server function 'SET_SLD_DATA' ". I know there are lot of tread about this error, but none of themsolve my problem. all JCO, RFC connections and SDL DATA supplier(VA) seem OK. error message in SM21 is "Could not send SLD data"


detail from SM21


The system could not send the data that has been collected automatical

for the System Landscape Directory (SLD). Check whether the gateway

configured in transaction RZ70 has been started and whether the SLD

bridge has been registered with this gateway.

You can use transaction SM59 to check this in the sending system for t

implemented RFC destinations. The RFC destinations have the standard

names "SLD_UC" for Unicode sending systems and "SLD_NUC" for non-Unico

sending systems. If a different RFC destination has been entered in

RZ70, check this destination instead.

You can use the Gateway Monitor to check the target gateways. In ABAP

systems, this monitor is started with transaction SMGW, or you can use

the external SAP program "gwmon". Check whether the specified gateway

has an active registration.



OF COURSE I checked  RFC of  SLD_UC and SMGW


any different ideas




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    Digesh Joshi
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    Please check if your SLD Bridge information is correct in RZ70.


    Host       Hostname

    Service    sapgw00      (if system number is 00 - it ends with 00)


    - Digesh Joshi

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    Gerard Christopher
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    i assume you have configured SLD locally in PI.


    Did you execute tx  SLDCHECK and see whether you are able to connect?


    If you are unable to connect check tx sldapicust and configure the username and password there.

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    Stuart Campbell
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    Please check the following notes are implemented


    Note 906454                           

    Note 907729


    You may be aware but if you are not --->RZ70 creates the required SLD* RFCs during runtime - therefore if you have defined these RFCs manually first using the same namespace you can get RFC conflicts which result in a failed submission    


    Please also check the user in the RFC is known to both systems and has required authorization to write to SLD


    Generally with SLD you have to install or select a suitable gateway to handle incoming data supply traffic

    Also the gateway you are using has be known to SLD and reflected in RZ70 - i.e these defintions have to be the same


    It is also recommended to delete all references to SLD_* RFCs in data supplier and target SLD

    after a failed submission attempt to allow RZ70 to recreate these consistently once the above has been checked


    Best wishes