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Restrict materials by sales order type

Juan Breton
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Dear Gurus,


I would like to know if there are any way of restrict materials by sales order type.


I need to create a sales order and i want to set an error message if i insert a material which is not allowed for the sales order type.


is it possible?


Best regards!

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    jess vince
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    Hi ,


    I don't have a ready answer but right now i could think of one solution.

    Add one filed on MM01 and input value for that field will be different sales order type and once you will enter the material on sales order, try to find one exit which checks for the order type in MM01.


    I hope this quick one will help




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    Damodhar Reddy Chilukuri
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    KIndly maintain the material exclusion with the key combination of Sales doc type/Material    in T code VB01 (B001)


    Path to  maintain the  condition table with above combination as below


    SPRO>IMG>Sales and distribution->Basic Functions->Listing/Exclusion


    If you need any further clarifications let me know




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    Ristriction the material on the basis of sales order type is not available,

    But it is possible through round the way solution as suggested by damodar,


    Through listing and Exclusion,


    Create condition table >>> take ket combination Sales order type & material >>> Genrate table.

    Assign this table in Access sequence BA01

    Assign this access sequence in condition type for Exclision - BA01

    Now maintain condition record for condition type exclusion - BA01


    You will get result as you wish .





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      Juan Breton
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      I configurate all steps as you say and added the exclution at VB01. But when generating sales order with material excluded there is no message error.


      Is there any other configuration?


      Thanks for your help.


      Best regards.

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        santosh kumar vemuri
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        Here in the Listing and Exclusion you have to enter the Listing or Exclusion procedure for your Sales document type in SPRO


        Then in VB01 maintain all the Material you want to list for that particular customer.


        Now try to process the Sales order with the Material other than  listed for the Customer, in the sense enter the material which was not maintained for the customer, then it will throw an error stating


          the Material not listed and therefore not allowed.


        This is how listing and Exclusion functionality will work


        Please check and revert back