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KEA0 - Activate operating concern

sapfi co
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Hi ,


I was trying to activate the Operating concern 1000 in QA  but I am getting the following Error which can be seen in the action log in T code KEA0.


Error: Error generating table KOMPAKE                                                                               

Message no. KE434                                             



I found only one OSS note 207542 and a best practise document , on searching, but the note seems to be not valid  for us


Extract from a best practise document


Error executing transaction KEA0 or KES1

Only in the case if you get an error executing installation step KEA0 or KES1 (168, e.g. installation step Maintain Characteristic Values):

Execute the report RKEAGENV as described in note 64490. Maybe you get an error during the execution, but the inconsistencies are resolved. Now, reactivate the operating concern (transaction KEA0, Tab Environment, cross-client and client-specific part). Just in case the error still exists, check note 942785.


This did not work for us

I executed the transaction /nSMB/BBI  and got the message as  transaction does not exist and so  i have asked the Basis consultant to look at     BB 168 (Profitability Analysis): Error generating table KOMPAKE, Message no. KE434 

If the eCATT /SMB15/KEA0_O042_J17 "Activate Operating Concern" shows the error Error generating table KOMPAKE, Message no. KE434. Diagnosis: An error occurred while Table KOMPAKE was being generated. restart the Solution Builder project again. The error should then not occur anymore.


Please throw some light on this , whether am i missing some thing or going in the right direction to sort this issue out.


Thanks in advance


SAP student



Could you please help on this.

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    Abhisek Patnaik
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    Hi ,


    Please test out the following steps in your development/test system :


    1) remove the fields from table KOMPAKE and activate KOMPAKE


    2) regenerate the environment of the operating concern XXXX (it will

    update the fields in structure KOMPAKE) and check the activation log

    again. note : XXXX = name of the operating concern


    I believe this will solve your situatuaion. Kindly try them and let me

    know if the problem persists.


    Kind Regards,


    Abhisek Patnaik,

    Active Global Support.

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      Gabor Zakanyi
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      May I have a question here?


      After creating a new characteristic, I activated it, and activated the cross-client, as well as the client specificparts in DEV environment. Thereafter I made transport requests thru KE3I, and transported them to TST environment.

      After this transport, do I have to run the KEA0 in TST (and later in PRD) system as well?




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    sapfi co
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    Hi Abhishek,


    First of all, Thanks for replying.


    The inconsistent fields in KOMKAKE was removed  and then we  tried to regenerate

    operating concern 0010. But the generation error still remains in




    Thanks and Regards

    SAP Student