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Payroll Status Infotype & Retroactive accounting!!

Surajit Chanda
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Hi Guys,


I have two questions


What the payroll status it 0003 served for payroll ?Is  it only the last status of personnel number where we can make customisation( if required) such as Run Payroll upto,Retroactive accounting date  etc


Can anybody make me clear what does retroactive accounting served  in realtime? where the correction run can be executed?

If we make our payroll area 01.01.2010 & retroactive accounting is 01.06.2010 then what basic purpose it will serve?




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    Farhan Khan
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    You don't have to run a correction run. If you make retroactive changes to personnel records, the payroll driver automatically runs payroll back to the the period of retroactive changes.

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    Jaydeep Jadhav
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    Hello Surajit,


    when you know you have to go live from a perticular date then you create the control record for that payroll area PA03 , so that payroll run will be taken from the month you suggested to system,


    As per my knowledge, for a fiscal year 2010 if - LRT (last result table) is not having any payroll results for month of april 2010 then it will not run payroll of May 2010




    IT0003 - Payroll Status infotype


    This infotype is created automatically (by the system in the background) during hiring action and is automatically maintained for each payroll period. This means that a user does not have to or rarely needs to maintain IT0003, but, what is important, user need to have authorization for IT0003 set to be able to run payroll.


    IT0003 fields description:


    Earliest personal retroactive accounting date u2013 if you want to set a retroactive accounting limit for an employee that is different from the date set in the control record of employeeu2019s payroll area, you specify the date here

    Run payroll up to u2013 date to which payroll is run for an employee, used e.g. if the employee leaves the company but need to be still paid. The date must lie in an interval in which the employee is not actively employeed.

    Do not account after - date after which payroll will no longer be performed for an employee. The subsequent day must lie in a non-active period

    Personnel number locked u2013 flag filed, you can lock employee for payroll, this means the personnel number will not be selected for payroll

    Accounted to - end date of the last completed payroll period

    Earliest MD Change - if you change payroll related master data, the start date of validity of those master data is set here. This date is deleted after each completed payroll run.

    Payroll Correction u2013 flag field, payroll program set this flag personnel number has been rejected during payroll run. If payroll run is subsequently completed successfully, the indicator is removed.


    It is possible to change particular fields in the Payroll Status infotype manually, rest is set by payroll program.


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