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Variable Characteristics - filtering on long text values

Michael Frank
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I'm running into some trouble trying to filter on the text description of a characteristic using BEx Analyzer 3.5.


We have a characteristic called 0Street_cod, that is comprised of StreetCode, and the text description that goes along with it.  I set up a variable in BEx that would allow people to filter on the Street characteristic when they run the query.  At first when we entered in a value such as 'S 84th St' we didn't get any results, but I found this is because it was looking for a value for the street code, not the street name. 


I recreated the variable and on the General Information screen I changed the Characteristic dropdown from the 'street code' to 'street'.  Then when we executed the query and entered 'S 84th St', and then clicked the 'check' button, BEx appeared to validate the street successfully.  However, when the query is run, it still says 'No data available'.


We also have a filter on the house number, and if I enter in a house number that I know exists on this street, I will get a result set that includes records with the street of 'S 84th St'.  I have tried copying and pasting this value directly into my variable entry window, but then it still returns zero rows.


Any advice on how to successfully filter on the Long Description of a characteristics is greatly appreciated!


Thank you very much,