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Serial Numbers for Sales Orders

Sowjanya Srinivas
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We have a business Process where we do not maintain any serial numbers for the products. How ever one of our customer maintains serial numbers for the products that come to their warehouse.


This customer will send in the serial numbers for each material and quantity in the inbound 850 Idoc and he wants those serial numbers to be printed on top of the boxes. so that he can scan them while receiving the GR and do automatic posting at thier system.


we have to store this serial numbers against this sales order and print them in the shipping tags for the finished products  that are to be sent to  this customer.




1) we do not want to use serial number profiles because it effects every sales order / delivery created for that material. the serial numbers should be assigned only to the orders from this specific customer.  Is there any way to acheive this?


2) in the sap idoc 850 ( message type ORDERS05) how do we store the serial numbers. what segment and fields are available for this purpose. 


3) how to save this serial numbers in the sap system against the sales order created for this customer.


Your answers will be highy appreciated.



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    Rohan Leonce D'souza
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    I am not sure whether this will help you or whther this is right.


    In ORDERS05 you can make use of this segment.


    This can contain the refrence of your serial numbers.


    Also there is a another way.


    These serial nos can be filled in Item texts segments.

    E1EDPT1 and E1EDPT2.


    You can fill the serail numbers for all line items in these text segments.

    This can be read and printed on the labels.





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    your requirement is stating that you required the serial numbers to be maintained that of particular customer wise when sales processing.

    For this ,You Create the ZTABLE for maintaining the number ranges with respective of Sales org,Plant ,Material,Document type and customer.

    So when ever u create any sales processing the system will pick up the number ranges from this table which fulfills your requirement.

    I hope this will work .

    Please confirm and revert

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    nandeesh basavaraju
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    Is your customer giving you the exact serial numbers or number range ?


    If he is giving you the exact serial numbers what he needs to be printed on the table, then it makes sense for you to create a custom table (Z or Y table) for that sales area , plant , customer, material serial number and create sales order for it. Or you can also maintain it in a flat file.

    Pull the data from the custom table into your item text. You can use userexit for this or run an LSMW to update the same incase you have maintained it in a flat file.


    Kindly revert back.




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      Sowjanya Srinivas
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      Thanks for all those wonderful replies..


      I am looking more at  a standard solution. with minor changes..


      Storing the serial numers in text items is possible but not practical, the more the quantity the more difficult and time consuming is this process for ex if this customer orders 10,000 qty. then it would be tough.. and again to solve that problem we have to break   the qty into multiple line items and this is only a alternatve but not a good solution i guess.


      I thought  this scenario should be more in practice because, customers can request us to put their serial numbers on the packing boxes that we send them.


      So just wondering if any our colleagues have already worked in this scenario.. While doing a search I saw a couple of questions regarding the same situations back in 2005 and 2007  but the questions were marked as answered without mentioning the solution they approached to solve this problem.


      Can any of you suggest me whether is this scneario a standard one ?

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    michael yu
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    i suggest you to create a new material copied from the original one just for the customer, and activate serial profile for this material.


    when the customer orders, you enter the serialized material.