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What is Campaign planning? To which module of APO this belongs to?

snehapunj aryavanshi
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Hi All


Thank you so much to all of you who've replied to my earlier question "No link to Livecache". Thank you for your encouragement. The problem is being resolved as I followed your steps.


As I was going through some of the questions posted and I am newly into APO I've got few  questions in mind.


What is Campaign planning? To which module of APO is this related to?


What is a Setup Matrix, where does it come?


How do I display a graph in the Interactive demand planning table simultaneously?


Awaiting your replies...


Thank you Virender, Senthil, and others

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    Dogboy 49
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    I spend most of my time in PPDS.  When I think about campaign planning, I think about the PPDS functionalities that support campaign planning



    Now, you have asked some other good questions.  The nature of my atman compels me answer only one question per post.  Perhaps Karmic balances are such that other experts will be motivated to answer the remainder of your questions without further action on your part.  Time will tell.




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    Santosh Akiwate
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    Campaign Planning is functionality used in process industry where orders of same set up group are grouped together to form campaign and one campaign number is given to it. Idea is to reduce set up cost.  You can have set up /clean out orders between two campaigns. In ecc yop  can group orders for one material only to form campaign but in Apo you can group orders of different materials.

    campaign planning belongs to APO PPDS.


    Set up matrix is APO PPDS master data where you define set up time between two set up statuses. Based on order sequence set up time calulation will be done refering to this matrix.




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    Senthil Mareeswaran
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    Hi ,


    Campaign planning is typically used in production planning

    in the process industries that manufacture their products on production lines


    These production lines must be set up or cleaned between the processing of

    different production charges or before downtimes. The products manufactured must

    often not only be stored finally but also temporarily, for example, if they are to be

    consumed by a subsequent manufacturing level. These setup or clean-out processes

    as well as the storage may be very cost-intensive.


    The advantage of campaign planning is to weigh set up costs and storage



    Campaign planning is used to club or combine orders of similar products in

    PPDS module of APO.


    The typical master data used is set up groups and set up matrix.  Set up groups

    represents the different kinds of arrangements or characteristics that can be

    grouped.  Set up matrix sequences the time periodicities in the order of shifting

    from one group to other.


    In the interactive planning table, after loading the data, you can switch over to

    graphical view by clicking the button (graph) which will display the data in

    graphical form



    R. Senthil mareeswaran.