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Transport Hierarchies in BI

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Hi Gurus,


Can anyone please tell me How to transport Hierarchies in BI from one environment to another?



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    Praneeth Nagalla
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    Hi AS,


    Transportation of hierarchies is not done across BI systems.( as hierarchy is not a structure, it's a form of data). If you want to set the hierarchies in respective BI systems you have to load them from respective ECC systems or you have to manually load them using flat file.


    For example,  If you want to transport hierarchies from BI development system to BI Production system, you have to do that from ECC production system or using flat file based on the data source.

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    You can not transport a Hirarchy from one Landscape to other, but you can make it available (Recreate)across other landscapes with the following methods:,


    1).Hierarchy Recreation from 1 Landscape to Other without Flat File Method:


    The steps are as follows:

    1. Create an export datasource on the info-object. It would create a data source 8***H for the hierarchy.

    2. Go to the target BW system where you want the hierarchy to be loaded. Create a source system for the "source" BW system.

    3. Replicate the source system. You would find the export datasource created existing there.

    4. For the info-object create the info-source using the source system as the "source" BW system.

    5. Create infopackage for hierarchy and click the "Available hierarchies from OLTP". In our case the BW "source" system is the OLTP.

    6. The hierarchy created there would be visible here, though it would be empty.

    7. Schedule the infopackage and load it.



    2). Hierarchy Recreation from 1 Landscape to Other with Flat File Method:


    If it's really complex you can refer to this document to download and reload via flat file:




    Hope it helps,



    Amit Kr.

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    Ray yan
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    We cannot transport hierarchy from one BI server to another, whereas there is Hierarchy download program that can be used to download the hierarchy from system e.g BI Dev and then you can upload it into the target system InfoObject e.g BI Qtly.

    Go through the following link for this program