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Cannot Create Cofile in EHP_INCLUSION phase

Wai Hon Lam
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Hit the following error during Enhancement Pack 4 Installation


Severe error(s) occured in phase PREP_EXTENSION/EHP_INCLUSION

Last error code set: Disassembling patch queue failed rc = 3, reason = 'Error when creating cofile for transport request SAPKNA7016'


EHPI leeps stopping at patch SAPKNA7016 with the same exact message that is is unable to create cofile.

As you can see, the other patches are processed correctly, with the exception of SAPKNA7016

I have sufficient space under /usr/sap/trans and also permission for /usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/cofiles has been set to 777

I have also redownloaded SAPKNA7016 specifically and unCARed them, but still no luck.


Logs here :

 tr6adm       20100127145920    : /usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/exe/tp PF=/usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/bin/TPPARAM CREATECOFILE SAPK-70103INPIBASIS -s TR6  (pid=14438)
tr6adm       20100127145924    : /usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/exe/tp PF=/usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/bin/TPPARAM CREATECOFILE SAPK-70101INSAPBSFND -s TR6  (pid=14441)
tr6adm       20100127145934    : /usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/exe/tp PF=/usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/bin/TPPARAM CREATECOFILE SAPKW70103 -s TR6  (pid=14450)
tr6adm       20100127145944    : /usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/exe/tp PF=/usr/sap/trans/ehpi/EHPI/abap/bin/TPPARAM CREATECOFILE SAPKNA7016 -s TR6  (pid=14453)


2 ETN234XDisassemble OCS package "SAPKNA7016" ...
2EETN514 Error when creating cofile for transport request "SAPKNA7016"
1 ETN214X."**************************************************"
1 ETN251   End of phase: "'Disassemble Queue'"
1 ETN254       End date: "27.01.2010"
1 ETN255       End time: "14:59:47"
1 ETN214 ."**************************************************"


1AETP000 R3trans received signal 10 from operating system.
1 ETP110 end date and time   : "20100127145947"
1 ETP111 exit code           : "13