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What is a table containing sales order and the contract it refers to

Pia Nurmi
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I have a following problem (ECC6.0):


A sales order is created in VA03 and referenced to a contract. I need to locate the table or tables (or FM) which contains the information of the sales order number and the contract number.


Problem with VA03 is that I can see both numbers in the document flow screen; i.e. sales order (Doc.no) is xxxxx and the Preced.Doc field contains the contract number. However, this is only an ALV view. I cannot get anywhere from the program SAPMV75F.


I have checked table VBAK and it contains most of dat but not the link itself as it has any sales document. I need to have an entry containing the link between a given sales order (+item) and the contract.


Instead of creating with "Create with reference" and select Contract (which you need to refer to),  the system is defined so that contract is used with a hierarchy customer. Debugging of creating did not help as the linking was conducted in the background without activation of debugging screen. I'm not an SD and no experience with contract.


Help is highly appreciated,