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Clearing Storage type 902

Silas Matsopa Ngcobo
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Hi Guys,



When we receive stock in our warehouse we use STO to post stock from SIT to 902 snd send stock to 500 for putaways.


Some end-user reversed the GR and GI from the STO,NOW 902 is sitting with a negative amount,how can i solve this issue?

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    Dirk Freyaldenhoven
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    at first, check open transfer requirements with transaction LB13, "Status of movement" open and partially delivered.


    If you don't have open requirements you can create transfer order from storage type with positiv stock to storage type with the negative stock. if there is no positive stock in other storage type, you have to create stock.


    To check differences between IM and WM, transaction LX23 could be helpful.


    Best Regards, Dirk

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    Cheryl Mellon
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    The reason you have this problem is as follows


    1  You processed the 101 receipt for a STO.  The stock was receipted into 902.  You then moved some of this stock from 902 to 500 then into the racks.

    2  A small balance of the stock remained in 902 which you were asked to clear by reversing it.

    3  Instead of reversing just the stock in 902, the full STO was reversed using a 102 movement


    This reversal created the negative stock in 902. 


    You need to reverse the 102 movement which will reverse your negative stock.


    If you think about it.  in 902 you had say -100 cases, in the racks you have 100 cases.  This results in a total stock holding of zero stock.  Because your delivery was created before the STO reversal and the TOs afterwards, WM found the stock in the racks and created pick instructions which you executed.  When you can to do the post goods issue, SAP issued a error message telling you you had a deficit of stock in IM becuase in IM your stock is zero.  Reversing the STO will include the stock in IM and nett off the negative stock and then you will be able to PGI.