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Revaluation of Fixed Assets

Rukshana Sameem
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Hi All

I have a requirement where i need to revalue all the existing fixed assets within the system.

Can anyone please recommend me the best way to go about this?


Thank you


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    Eli Klovski
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    Transaction AR29N is supposed to deal with this.





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    Prasanth D
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    1)     Create new depreciation area 20 with depreciation terms are allowed like Revaluation, Transfer of reserves and Revaluation ord.dep posting with GL indicator 4 or 3.

    2)     Specify Intervals and Posting Rules and set check box post revaluation

    3)      Assign separate GL accounts for Revaluation depreciation area 20.

    4)     Limit Transaction types in OAYA like Book depreciation area 01 is 100 and revaluation depreciation area 20 is 800.

    5)     During legacy data transfer AS91 make sure values added into asset take over values (Gross block and acc depr) in Revaluation deprecation area 20.

    6)     Use Transaction code is: ABAW for revaluation of assets

    7)      During Depreciation run system will pass accounting entries like

              Book            Depreciation a/c Dr     

                        Acc depreciation Cr     

         Revaluation     Rev Depreciation a/c Dr

                   Revaluation fixed asset Accounting Dr

                        Rev Acc depreciation a/c        Cr

                        Revaluation Reserves account Cr




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      Rukshana Sameem
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      Hi guys

      I still cant seem to get it to work

      When I try to do it with AR29n - i get the below message:


      Transaction type 800 cannot be used for activity 'New Valuation (with Depreciation Write-Back)'

      Message no. AAPO176


      Then when i try it with the ABAW - {after defining a new depr area - made it real time postable and allowed it for revaluation and defining manual revaluation in ODAC}

      I still get the below message:


      Posting not possible (Asset does not manage postable areas)

      Message no. AA439




      What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks for the support