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proforma invoice

MOhammed Ahmed
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   can any one tell me how to create proforma invoice directly in sap. In what circumstances we use proforma





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    Sidi Reghioui
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    You use the proforma invoice especially when dealing with export customers, they need it to clear their goods at the customs.

    You create just as you create a normal invoice as long as you have maintained copy rules for it.

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    K Bharathi
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    Proforma Invoice:

    1.     You can create a Proforma invoice with reference to the sales order. Create a sales order (VA01). Create the Proforma invoice with reference to the sales order. Select the billing document type F5.

    2.     You can create a Proforma Invoice with reference to a Delivery document. Create a delivery document (VL01N). Create a Proforma invoice with reference e to the delivery document. Select the billing document type F8.


    Proforma invoice is a document that is used for the documentation purposes.

    This is a mirror image of the original Invoice that would be created in future date.

    When creating Proforma invoice the accounting document will not be created.

    We can create u2018nu2019 number of proforma invoices by referring a same document (Sales order or delivery).

    Proforma invoices are used in Export businesses for documentation purposes before goods movement. But the original invoices will be created during goods movement.

    Some government agencies will require proforma invoices rather than quotations since the proforma invoices are mirror images of the invoices that will be received while doing actual transaction.


    K Bharathi


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    There are two types of Profarma Invoices,which are as follows

    1) Order related Profarma Invoce (F5) the flow for this are as follows


    2) Delivery related Profarma invoce (F8)



    Processing Profarma invoice differs from processing normal invoices in the following ways:

    1.Goods issue is not required before you create a delivery-related pro forma invoice.

    2.You can create as many pro forma invoices as you like for a sales order or a delivery because the billing status in the sales 

        order or delivery is not updated.

    3.Data from the pro forma invoice is not passed on to financial accounting.


      It is generally created in Export Sales and mainly in STO ( stock transfer sales).




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    santosh kumar vemuri
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    Proforma Invoice can be created for Delivery document and Sales documents


    Proforma in general is created for Export scenarion in which Customer uses this for Customs Clearance and Crossing Border with the goods.


    There is no Accounting document generated for this Proforma Invoices.


    The Proforma is created with reference to Delivery document in VF01 which is F8 ( in standard)


    The Proforma is created with reference to Sales document in VF01 which is F5


    Proforma invocies with reference to Deliver/Sales in two scenarios, one is for Requesting Down Payment and another is for Custom purpose.




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