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Scheduling agreement full cycle??

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Can anybody explain me step by step with transaction code for Scheduling agreement.


Full cycle with account transaction and accounting documents being generated in system ,  with vendor payment transaction.


One by one transaction - full cycle .




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    Pardeep Malik
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    1. SAP Menu u2192 Logistics u2192 Materials Management u2192 Material Masteru2192 Material u2192 Create General u2192 Immediately

    In order for you to be able to generate both forecast and JIT delivery schedules, the JIT delivery schedule indicator in the Purchasing view of the material master record must have the value 1.


    2. Change vendor master record in such a way that when ascheduling agreement with release documentation is created for plant 1000 for e.g.,the release creation profile ABCD is defaulted from the vendor master record.

    a) SAP Menu u2192 Logistics u2192 Materials Management u2192 Purchasing u2192Master Data u2192 Vendor u2192 Purchasing u2192 Change (Current)

    You can define the release creation profile in the plant-specific purchasing data (Alternative Data). The field is located among the default values for the material.


    3. The agreement begins as of today's date and is valid for two years. The agreement is valid for plant 1000. The target quantity is 100,000 pc. You have negotiated a price of 78 EUR per pc. Deliveries are received into storage location 0001. Before saving the scheduling agreement, branch to Additional Data and verify that the release creation profile ABCD and the

    JIT delivery schedule indicator have been adopted from the vendor master record and material master record, respectively. In the additional data, enter the planned delivery time of two days.

    a) SAP Menu u2192 Logistics u2192 Materials Management u2192 Purchasing u2192Outline Agreement u2192 Scheduling Agreement u2192 Create u2192 Vendor Known

    Choose the agreement type LPA in order to be able to send FRC and JIT delivery schedules to your vendor.

    Access the additional data via Item u2192 More Functions u2192 Additional Data.


    4. SAP Menu u2192 Logistics u2192 Materials Management u2192 Purchasing u2192 Outline Agreement u2192 Delivery Schedule u2192 Maintain

    Select the item and choose Item u2192 Delivery schedule.


    give the qty and time and date.




    Hope Help U !





    Pardeep malik