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creating Division

sherry khan
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I am new in sap . i got a task to create the divisin of beverage company.


in this beverage company i got a diffrent product line . so, i wana your views.


product line


No     Code     Division


1                     10     Beverage CSD(carbonated) Products


2     20     Juices Products


3     30     Water Products


4     40     Scrap Products





No     Code     Division


1     10     Beverage Glass Products (returnable bottle)


2     20     Scrap Products


3     30     PET Products (Plastic bottle/non returnable)


4     40     TETRA Products


5     50     Cane Products


now please suggest me the best way to make division.

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    Manu Kapoor
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    Dear ,



    The first option is correct as it is base on product line and second one is on material packing i think so ,


    But in my view the first division is correct and it shows that company deals in these main product.


    Division we can understand - A broad product range can be divided into divisions, and in the SAP system, you can also define a division-specific sales structure. You can make customer-specific agreements for each division, for example regarding partial deliveries or pricing. Within a division, you can carry out statistical analyses or devise your own





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    V.K. Venu Gopal
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    To create new divisons it is better to copy the existing divisons...


    Go to SPRO and then to Enterprise Structure --> Logistics General --> Define,copy,delete, check divsion --> Copy, delete, check division --> Copy org. object.


    1 10 Beverage Glass Products (returnable bottle)


    2 20 Plastic Products (Includes Plastic,Tetra packing etc... /non returnable)


    3 30 Paper Products (Includes Canes)



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    sap sats
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    Hi Sherry,


    As far as I know, its better to differenciate as product wise instead of creating generic one. The better way to create division is as follows


    1 10 Beverage CSD(carbonated) Products


    2 20 Juices Products


    3 30 Water Products


    4 40 Scrap Products


    so that you can differenciate whether it is juices, water or something else. Where as the Pet products, Tetra products would be more generic in my openion as you can have juices in pet bottles also water in pet bottles.


    Note: to decide between the given two options is obviously based on your company/client business requirement.


    to create Division in SAP - SAP2020 gave the correct answer. As you might aware that, you need to assign the division to sales organization and then used in sales area set up in later steps after creation of division.


    Br, Sats.

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    Siva Kumar
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    Hi Sherry,

      As Manu ans Sats suggested first one is right as it is based on product line