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connect failed with DBLI_RC_LOAD_LIB_FAILED error

Rajiv K
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I am trying to install an application server in a windows /sql environment.


The CI ,database and the new application server are all on different hosts.


The application server gets installed but doe snot start up.


We get the following error "2EETW169 no connect possible: "connect failed with DBLI_RC_LOAD_LIB_FAILED"


in r3trans log.


Please guide.




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    Mekala Sharath Babu
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    Please check the connection between your application and database hosts. Also, check if your database is running fine.




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    Juan Reyes
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    Run an R3trans -d and post the content of trans.log also check dev_w0 on the application server for errors.




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    Rajesh Narkhede
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    connect failed with DBLI_RC_LOAD_LIB_FAILED.
    ERROR: environment variable dbms_type is not set.


    Please refer the below note, if it is applicable for your problem.


    [Note 556232 - Environment settings for R/3/Oracle on Windows|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/556232]


    What is your SAP, OS and DB version ?




    Rajesh Narkhede

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      Rajiv K
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      it is a windows/sql machine


      Here is the r3trans-d log


      This is r3trans version 6.14 (release 700 - 05.03.09 - 08:28:00).

      unicode enabled version

      2EETW169 no connect possible: "connect failed with DBLI_RC_LOAD_LIB_FAILED."

      r3trans finished (0012).


      dev_w0 log



      trc file: "dev_w0", trc level: 1, release: "700"



      • ACTIVE TRACE LEVEL           1



      B Thu Feb 18 05:02:41 2010

      B  create_con (con_name=R/3)

      B  Loading DB library 'F:\usr\sap\HP1\D01\exe\dbmssslib.dll' ...

      B  Library 'F:\usr\sap\HP1\D01\exe\dbmssslib.dll' loaded

      B  Version of 'F:\usr\sap\HP1\D01\exe\dbmssslib.dll' is "700.08", patchlevel (0.182)

      B  New connection 0 created

      M sysno      01

      M sid        HP1

      M systemid   562 (PC with Windows NT)

      M relno      7000

      M patchlevel 0

      M patchno    185

      M intno      20050900

      M make:      multithreaded, Unicode, 64 bit, optimized

      M pid        4544


      M  kernel runs with dp version 241000(ext=110000) (@(#) DPLIB-INT-VERSION-241000-UC)

      M  length of sys_adm_ext is 576 bytes

      M  ***LOG Q0Q=> tskh_init, WPStart (Workproc 0 4544) [dpxxdisp.c   1347]

      I  MtxInit: 30000 0 0

      M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: ABAP is active

      M  DpSysAdmExtCreate: VMC (JAVA VM in WP) is not active

      M Thu Feb 18 05:02:42 2010

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_adm)          22784     (1752)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(tm_adm)          5912704     (29416)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wp_ca_adm)          24064     (80)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(appc_ca_adm)     8000     (80)

      M  DpCommTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=500/16/552064/552080

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(comm_adm)          552080     (1088)

      M  DpSlockTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/fiSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0/0

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(slock_adm)          0     (104)

      M  DpFileTableSize: max/headSize/ftSize/tableSize=0/0/0/0

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(file_adm)          0     (72)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(vmc_adm)          0     (1864)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(wall_adm)          (41664/36752/64/192)

      M  DpShMCreate: sizeof(gw_adm)     48

      M  DpShMCreate: SHM_DP_ADM_KEY          (addr: 00000000116B0050, size: 6607008)

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated sys_adm at 00000000116B0050

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_adm at 00000000116B21F0

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm_list at 00000000116B7AF0

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated tm_adm at 00000000116B7B50

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated wp_ca_adm at 0000000011C5B3D0

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated appc_ca_adm at 0000000011C611D0

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated comm_adm at 0000000011C63110

      M  DpShMCreate: system runs without slock table

      M  DpShMCreate: system runs without file table

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated vmc_adm_list at 0000000011CE9DA0

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated gw_adm at 0000000011CE9E20

      M  DpShMCreate: system runs without vmc_adm

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated ca_info at 0000000011CE9E50

      M  DpShMCreate: allocated wall_adm at 0000000011CE9E60

      M  rdisp/queue_size_check_value :  -> off

      M  ThTaskStatus: rdisp/reset_online_during_debug 0

      X  EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).

      X  MM global diagnostic options set: 0

      X  <ES> client 0 initializing ....

      X  Using implementation view

      X  <EsNT> Using memory model view.

      M  <EsNT> Memory Reset disabled as NT default

      X  ES initialized.

      X  mm.dump: set maximum dump mem to 96 MB

      M  ThInit: running on host sap1a38

      M Thu Feb 18 05:02:43 2010

      M  calling db_connect ...

      C  Thread ID:4572

      C  Thank You for using the SLOLEDB-interface

      C  Using dynamic link library 'F:\usr\sap\HP1\D01\exe\dbmssslib.dll'

      C  dbmssslib.dll patch info

      C    patchlevel   0

      C    patchno      182

      C    patchcomment MSSQL: COPYTOSHADOW, R3trans loses reports (1260968)

      C  Network connection used from SAP1A38 to SAP1A12\D1 using tcp:SAP1A12\D1

      C  CopyLocalParameters: dbuser is 'hp1'

      C  Using Provider SQLNCLI

      C  OpenOledbConnection: MARS property was set successfully.

      C  Provider Release:9.00.2047.00

      C  Using Provider SQLNCLI

      C  OpenOledbConnection: MARS property was set successfully.

      C  Cache sizes: header 104 bytes, 20000 names (32960000 bytes), 500 dynamic statements (2876000 bytes), total 35836104 bytes

      C  Using shared procedure name cache SAP1A12_D1_HP1HP1_HP1_MEM initialized by another process.

      C  Connected to db server : [SAP1A12\D1] server_used : [tcp:SAP1A12\D1], dbname: HP1, dbuser: hp1

      C  pn_id:SAP1A12_D1_HP1HP1_HP1

      C  Using MARS (on sql 9.0)

      B  Connection 0 opened (DBSL handle 0)

      B  Wp  Hdl ConName          ConId     ConState     TX  PRM RCT TIM MAX OPT Date     Time   DBHost         

      B  000 000 R/3              000000000 ACTIVE       NO  YES NO  000 255 255 20100218 050243 SAP1A12\D1     

      C  The IRow interface is supported by this OLEDB provider

      M  db_connect o.k.

      M  ICT: exclude compression: .zip,.cs,.rar,.arj,.z,.gz,.tar,.lzh,.cab,.hqx,.ace,.jar,.ear,.war,.css,.pdf,.js,.gzip,.uue,.bz2,.iso,.sda,.sar,.gif

      I Thu Feb 18 05:02:46 2010

      I  MtxInit: 0 0 0

      M  SHM_PRES_BUF               (addr: 000000001A0D0050, size: 4400000)

      M  SHM_ROLL_AREA          (addr: 000007FFDDA80050, size: 268435456)

      M  SHM_PAGING_AREA          (addr: 000000001A510050, size: 134217728)

      M  SHM_ROLL_ADM               (addr: 0000000022520050, size: 2678942)

      M  SHM_PAGING_ADM          (addr: 00000000227B0050, size: 525344)

      M  ThCreateNoBuffer          allocated 544152 bytes for 1000 entries at 0000000022840050

      M  ThCreateNoBuffer          index size: 3000 elems

      M  ThCreateVBAdm          allocated 12176 bytes (50 server) at 00000000228D0050

      X  EmInit: MmSetImplementation( 2 ).

      X  MM global diagnostic options set: 0

      X  <ES> client 0 initializing ....

      X  Using implementation view

      X  ES initialized.

      X  mm.dump: set maximum dump mem to 96 MB

      B  dbntab: NTAB buffers attached

      B  dbntab: Buffer FTAB(hash header)  (addr: 00000000229700E0, size: 584)

      B  dbntab: Buffer FTAB(anchor array) (addr: 0000000022970330, size: 320072)

      B  dbntab: Buffer FTAB(item array)   (addr: 00000000229BE580, size: 1280000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer FTAB(data area)    (addr: 0000000022AF6D80, size: 30720000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer IREC(hash header)  (addr: 00000000248500E0, size: 584)

      B  dbntab: Buffer IREC(anchor array) (addr: 0000000024850330, size: 320072)

      B  dbntab: Buffer IREC(item array)   (addr: 000000002489E580, size: 320000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer IREC(data area)    (addr: 00000000248EC780, size: 6144000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer STAB(hash header)  (addr: 0000000024ED00E0, size: 584)

      B  dbntab: Buffer STAB(anchor array) (addr: 0000000024ED0330, size: 320072)

      B  dbntab: Buffer STAB(item array)   (addr: 0000000024F1E580, size: 320000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer STAB(data area)    (addr: 0000000024F6C780, size: 3072000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer TTAB(hash header)  (addr: 00000000252600E0, size: 1944)

      B  dbntab: Buffer TTAB(anchor array) (addr: 0000000025260880, size: 320072)

      B  dbntab: Buffer TTAB(item array)   (addr: 00000000252AEAD0, size: 800000)

      B  dbntab: Buffer TTAB(data area)    (addr: 0000000025371FD0, size: 5840000)

      B  db_con_shm_ini:  WP_ID = 0, WP_CNT = 13, CON_ID = -1

      B  dbstat: TABSTAT buffer attached (addr: 0000000025919C70)

      B  dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABL  (addr: 0000000027F50160, size: 30000000, end: 0000000029BEC4E0)

      B  dbtbxbuf: Buffer TABLP (addr: 0000000029BF0160, size: 10240000, end: 000000002A5B4160)

      B  dbexpbuf: Buffer EIBUF (addr: 000000002A5D0170, size: 4194304, end: 000000002A9D0170)

      B  dbexpbuf: Buffer ESM   (addr: 000000002A9E0170, size: 4194304, end: 000000002ADE0170)

      B  dbexpbuf: Buffer CUA   (addr: 000000002ADF0170, size: 3072000, end: 000000002B0DE170)

      B  dbexpbuf: Buffer OTR   (addr: 000000002B0E0170, size: 4194304, end: 000000002B4E0170)

      B  dbcalbuf: Buffer CALE  (addr: 000000002B4F0050, size: 500000, end: 000000002B56A170)

      B  dbtran INFO (init_connection '<DEFAULT>' [MSSQL:700.08]):

      B   max_blocking_factor =  50,  max_in_blocking_factor      = 255,

      B   min_blocking_factor =   5,  min_in_blocking_factor      =  10,

      B   prefer_union_all    =   1,  prefer_join                 =   1,

      B   prefer_fix_blocking =   0,  prefer_in_itab_opt          =   0,

      B   convert AVG         =   1,  alias table FUPD            =   0,

      B   escape_as_literal   =   0,  opt GE LE to BETWEEN        =   0,

      B   select *            =0x00,  character encoding          = STD / []:X,

      B   use_hints           = abap->1, dbif->0x1, upto->0, rule_in->0,

      B                         rule_fae->0, concat_fae->0, concat_fae_or->0

      N Thu Feb 18 05:02:47 2010

      N  SncInit(): Initializing Secure Network Communication (SNC)

      N        PC with Windows NT (mt,ascii,SAP_UC/size_t/void* = 16/64/64)

      N  SncInit():   found snc/data_protection/max=3, using 3 (Privacy Level)

      N  SncInit():   found snc/data_protection/min=1, using 1 (Authentication Level)

      N  SncInit():   found snc/data_protection/use=9, using 3 (Privacy Level)

      N  SncInit(): found  snc/gssapi_lib=F:\usr\sap\HP1\DVEBMGS01\exe\gX64ntlm.dll

      M  *** ERROR => DlLoadLib: LoadLibrary(F:\usr\sap\HP1\DVEBMGS01\exe\gX64ntlm.dll) Error 126 [dlnt.c       237]

      M          Error 126 = "The specified module could not be found."

      N  *** ERROR => SncPDLInit(): DlLoadLib("F:\usr\sap\HP1\DVEBMGS01\exe\gX64ntlm.dll")=DLENOACCESS

      N   [sncxxdl.0340]*** ERROR => SncPDLInit()==SNCERR_INIT, Adapter (#0) F:\usr\sap\HP1\DVEBMGS01\exe\gX64ntlm.dll not loaded

      N   [sncxxdl.0604]<<- SncInit()==SNCERR_INIT

      N           sec_avail = "false"

      M  ***LOG R19=> ThSncInit, SncInitU ( SNC-000001) [thxxsnc.c    230]

      M  *** ERROR => ThSncInit: SncInitU (SNCERR_INIT) [thxxsnc.c    232]

      M  in_ThErrHandle: 1

      M  *** ERROR => SncInitU (step 1, th_errno 44, action 3, level 1) [thxxhead.c   10524]

      M  Info for wp 0

      M    pid = 4544

      M    severity = 0

      M    status = 0

      M    stat = WP_RUN

      M    waiting_for = NO_WAITING

      M    reqtype = DP_RQ_DIAWP

      M    act_reqtype = NO_REQTYPE

      M    rq_info = 0

      M    tid = -1

      M    mode = 255

      M    len = -1

      M    rq_id = 65535

      M    rq_source =

      M    last_tid = 0

      M    last_mode = 0

      M    semaphore = 0

      M    act_cs_count = 0

      M    csTrack = 0

      M    csTrackRwExcl = 0

      M    csTrackRwShrd = 0

      M    mode_cleaned_counter = 0

      M    control_flag = 0

      M    int_checked_resource(RFC) = 0

      M    ext_checked_resource(RFC) = 0

      M    int_checked_resource(HTTP) = 0

      M    ext_checked_resource(HTTP) = 0

      M    report = >                                        <

      M    action = 0

      M    tab_name = >                              <

      M    attachedVm = no VM

      M  PfStatDisconnect: disconnect statistics

      M  Entering TH_CALLHOOKS

      M  ThCallHooks: call hook >SAP-Trace buffer write< for event BEFORE_DUMP

      M  TrThHookFunc: called for WP dump

      M  ThCallHooks: call hook >ThrSaveSPAFields< for event BEFORE_DUMP

      M  *** ERROR => ThrSaveSPAFields: no valid thr_wpadm [thxxrun1.c   723]

      M  *** ERROR => ThCallHooks: event handler ThrSaveSPAFields for event BEFORE_DUMP failed [thxxtool3.c  261]

      M  ThCallHooks: call hook >BtcCallLgCl< for event BEFORE_DUMP

      M  Entering ThSetStatError

      M  ThIErrHandle: do not call ThrCoreInfo (no_core_info=0, in_dynp_env=0)

      M  Entering ThReadDetachMode

      M  call ThrShutDown (1)...

      M  ***LOG Q02=> wp_halt, WPStop (Workproc 0 4544) [dpnttool.c   333]

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    ramesh yad
    Currently Being Moderated



    Is CI and application server having a same O.S version?


    if not then please upgrade a kernal of both CI as well as of application server.




    Ramesh yadav