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Material Ledger

Muhammad Yousuf
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Dear All,


I want to active the Material Ledger but i want to know what is the disadvantages of Material Ledger otherthen its cant be deactive after implementation.


Thanks in Advance........................Please reply soon...

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    Takashi Kotani
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    I know few points;


    1. Deactivate ML

    It's not exactly for productive system, but it is possible to deactivate ML according SAP Note 425487.


    2. Standard Price change

    Without ML, you can always change Standard price for material, but in ML world, there're some restrictions. Normally you can change once, and you cannot change it for one month under one condition. You have to pay attention for period shift transaction (MMPV). ...however, we have trick option (Note 555176). Please check SAP Note 190707,555176.


    3. Period-end closing process step.

    Without AVR function in Material ledger,

    You have to process ML period-end closing steps monthly by necessity for all activated material, plant. Even if you forgot it for one monthe, you can not process  it for following month untill you will have completed before month. See SAP Note 361236.


    4. Performance in period-end closing

    Talked with other parteners, i usually hear from them, material ledger has a performance problem, because they already a lot of period-end closing tasks, additionaly they add material ledget period-end closing steps with huge materials. So you have to consider the time frame of whole your period-end closing, but there're some tips to optimize performance also for material ledger. for example, parallel processing. please check SAP Note 668170 for performance example.


    5. Fully integrated logistics process.

    Within material ledger each material/plant/valuation type/ and each special stock (except anonymous valuated special stock) are treated like a different material and users are neither aware of the effect using certain movement types nor can the behavior of the users be fully controlled. Sometimes, many materials being involved (like: material A -> material B -> material C -> .... material G -> material A), the logistic materials flow should be checked with the users and persons in charge , whether there can be such situations (As well as stock transfer plant to plant or plant to Sales order). This unexpected cycles will affect your costing result or at least performance problem within material ledger closing processing.



    It's not all, but they are someting important to check before ML implementation. and i can tell if you know material ledger precisely, I think, it is good solution for actual costing such as multi-level costing. it's also for use to apply IFRS


    Hope it will help.


    Best regards, Takashi


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