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Display Units in separate column next to key figure

Dave Dusza
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Hello All,


Could someone please explain step by step how to display the key figure results in one column and the mapped unit in the next column using bex analyzer 3.5.   An example would be:




Order# 1  Cost Element1       100Lbs      $100

Order#2   Cost Element2            5Pcs        $50


Should be:


Order#1  Cost Element1        100   Lbs        100    USD

Order#2  Cost Element2          5     PCs          50    USD


I should mention that I've tried displaying the characteritic for units in both the rows and columns with no success  when I displayed it in rows I received the following results:



Order#1  Cost Element1     Lbs          100           

Order#1  Cost Element1     USD                                 100

Order#2  Cost Element2     Pcs                    5

Order#2  Cost Element 2    USD                                    50


In summary I would like to display the unit key whichever it may be for the key figure for quantity in one column.  Any help would be appreciated.