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Item category usage.

Manu Manu
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During item category determination, there is a filed called item category usage. Need more clarification in teh same, as to from where it is  being pulled.

or Where does this particular filed have link to. is it material master or the order type?


When a materials is entered the item category is determined based on the Item category group in MM and Sales document type, provided the Higher level item category which is taken from the prior material. But what about the item category usage.


I have read throught the documents stating that they are ABAP hard coded, but again there are New entries options for the Usage. Which interns isnt linked to anywhere except item category determination.


thanks in advance,


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    you specify the item category usages which control the usage of an item. Item category usage controls, for example, the system response if during document processing an item does not refer to a material but to a text item. Item category usage can also be maintained via the item categories (detail screen for item categories: Goto -> Item usage).


    Default settings


    In the standard System, the following usages are


    Batch split

    Text item

    Service item relevant for billing

    Service item not relevant for billing


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      Manu Manu
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      Hi Kapildev,


      Thanks for your response. i need some more clarification


      Question 1:


      For eg. there are 2 item category determinations done

      1. order typeA; item cat group A; Usage is BLANK;Higher level item category A

      2. order typeA; item cat group A; Usage A; Higher lever item cagerory A


      now a sales order is created for order type A and material with item category group A; Which item category determination will be taken?


      Question 2:


      In your reply you have mentioned item category usage is maintained in Item category determination also. so Where all is this item category maintained in case if there is any?




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        V.K. Venu Gopal
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        Hi Manu,


        Qn. #: 1


        The second combination will be considered as the settings maintained in Customer Master Info record (CMIR) will have the highest priority.


        Qn. #: 2


        Item Usage is maintained in the CMIR (VD51 tcoce) and given in the combination of the Item Category determination.



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    G Lakshmipathi
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    It is neither in material master nor in order type.  Check this link.


    [Item Category Usage|Item Category Usage]


    Also check in VD51 where you can see this field USAGE.



    G. Lakshmipathi

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        Item category Usage specifies the usage of the Item in the line item of a particular sales document.


    For example.


    Sales Doc Type += Item Category group + Usage of the Item + Higher level Item Category = TAN (STD EXAMPLE)


          TA               + NORM                        + (BLANK)              +(BLANK)                              =TAN(STD ITEM)Ex:-HERO HONDA


    if you had created document type = bor by renaming (TA).

    And u had created another material(RAY BAN) with Item category group as (FREE).


    Ex: If you want to buy a Hero Honda splendor for the RAY BAN googles are free then see.

    Then the sales order of a line item will rise as.


    Sales Doc Type += Item Category group + Usage of the Item + Higher level Item Category = TAN (STD ITEM)Ex: HERO HONDA)

          BOR=                         NORM              +FREE(RAY BAN)   +TAN(HERO HONDA)            =TANN(FREE OF CHARGE ITEM)



        Here it indicates that u  r giving the RAY BAN googles free to the customer on purchasing the HERO HONDA.


    1. Usage specifies the usage of the line item of a particular sales documents.

       And it is also one of the factor to determine the Item category group of a line  Item.

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    kapil sharma
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    It is true that item category usage are hardcoded in SAP for the item usage that comes with standard SAP, for example, TEXT, PSEL etc. 

    If you use any of the scenarios associated with these usages, SAP automatically derives the relevant item category.  For example, if you enter item text without a material number in a sales order, SAP considers item as text and automatically reads the item category from determination rule setup with Item usage TEXT.

    Apart from the standards, SAP also provides you the flexibility to define your own item category usages.  That is why you see the option to create a new item category usage.

    Once created, you can force your item usage via Customer-Material Info record or via ABAP code through sales user exits.  For example, you created a item category usage as ABCD and applied it in the Customer-Material info record for a particular customer-material number record. 


    You setup determination rule as

    Doc type A + Item Category Group A + Blank + Blank = Item Category A

    Doc Type A + Item Category Group A + ABCD + Blank = Item Category B


    When you create the order for that material which is specified in the customer-material info record, SAP will determine the item category B, for all other materials SAP will determine item categoy A.  That's a simple example of item category usage.  you can also use item category usage via code and can force a different item category determination if the rule setup in the code matches.


    Let me know if you need any more information.



    Kapil Sharma