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Surinder Shanker Anand
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Hello Experts,


From where i can find the  comparison between TAlly ERP and SAP business  one ?

    Gordon Du
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    I don't think they are comparable.  Check this link to know more:






    Marcella Rivi
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    Dear Chaudhry,


    I would suggest you to talk to your local field sales representative if you are a partner.



    If he is a customer please contact your partner and s/he can gather the information for you.




    Marcella Rivi

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    Copy the below content and paste it in Excel with wordwrap

      Thangaraj Kasi
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      Tally 9.0


      . To fulfill legal requirements - records as per standards and practices

      . To pay taxes to various bodies - statutory needs

      . Keep the business running - manage receivables & payables, cash, bank...

      . Keep a watch on the pulse of the organisation - key performance indicators

      . Respond to queries - to locate the right transaction immediately

      . With the entry of a voucher (this is what we call all accounting transactions) all books  of accounts, all reports, all totals & sub-totals are updated instantly. There is  nothing more that needs to be done - whether you are inserting a forgotten entry, or correcting one.

      . Taxation requirements of all the states of India are available, in the prescribed formats.

      . Supporting tasks like reminder letters, delayed interest, ageing, bank reconciliation.

      . One single dashboard to look at all important business ratios.

      . Drill down from any report, even the Balance Sheet, right to any voucher or filter and search.

      . Data entry in the language of the users choice - and report in any other  language (from the languages supported).

      . Mark vouchers that are draft as 'optional' and convert these to final- with one button click

      Financial Management & Controls

      Tally.ERP 9 comes with rich features & financial reports that give you the necessary management and control of your business. A few of these are listed below:

      u2022 Funds Flow & Cash Flow reports - help you locate bottlenecks

      u2022 Bank reconciliation - keeps your bank books in sync, and identify unclear instruments

      u2022 Customer Credit Limits - to limit risk of default and large losses

      u2022 Budgets - keep tabs on projected expenses against actuals

      u2022 Mark vouchers post dated - these will reflect into the books of accounts only on/after that date

      u2022 For needs where reports have to consider a transaction that has not happened  (say salaries for this month that get paid the next month) vouchers (called 'reversing  journals') can be marked to 'disappear' for reports post a specific date

      u2022 "Scenario" management - helps you with your business forecasting and planning. You can use optional, reversing journals and memorandum vouchers, to aid in recording provisional entries that are useful for interim reports

      u2022 Multiple inventory valuation. You can decide one valuation method for the business,  and be able generate financial reports using any other valuation method - as the  statutory method may not be appropriate for your needs, your bankers and for other decisions

      u2022 Cash balances can go negative - you can get warned if this is about to happen, or  see reports and make the necessary corrections

      u2022 Several business exceptions are available (negative stocks, negative ledgers) - for

        you to exercise control over these activities

      u2022 A one-screen business ratios with drill down right up to the transactions - help you to  correct course frequently u2022 Item wise & document wise profitability statements to control revenue leakage and inappropriate pricing

      u2022 Internal audits are supported with audit controls - authorised users can mark  vouchers as 'audited' and can get to see reports on changes made post audit, and the name of the person making the change

      Inventory Accounting & Management

      If you deal in goods, of any type, you'll appreciate the Inventory capabilities in Tally.ERP 9.

      You can comprehensively record all types of inventory transactions, using goods receipt notes, delivery notes, stock journals, manufacturing journals and physical stock journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in stock registers.

      Developed for all manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or traders a small list of features are briefly described below:


      . Bill of materials and Manufacturing Journals, to record material conversions

      . Compound bill of materials support, for units that contain assemblies

      . Multiple locations (godowns)

      . Excise for manufacturers, including all documentation and invoice

      . Costing for jobs

      Distributors & Wholesalers:

      . Multiple price lists, with effective dates of applicability

      . Use multiple units of measure (say KG's & grams)

      . Dual units of measure (say KG's and bags, to support variations as happens in commodities)


      . High speed billing, with support for POS printers

      . Bar code support

      . Automatic application of taxes

      . Service billing & service tax

      . Integrated sales return in bills

      . Print bills (and any other document) in the customers language


      . You can choose to de-link the computed inventory value to automatically appear in

         your financial statements - and enter this figure manually.

      . Stock ageing reports, to identify slow and non-moving stocks

      . Invoice profitability reports to keep a pulse on sales

      . Multi-currency transactions - buy and sell across the world - with integrated forex  gain/loss calculations

      . Physical stock take records to adjust physical vs. actual stocks

      . Maintain batch & expiry details

      Purchases & Payables: from Order to Payment

      Tally.ERP 9 delivers the entire purchase cycle whether the need is the complete purchase order - goods receipt - rejections & returns - advances, debits & payments or a single payment entry, fulfilling all needs.

      To ensure that you have the right stocks and minimize carrying costs, Tally.ERP 9 delivers the following to improve purchase orders:

      . Define Re-order levels as a definite number or based on consumption

      . Define minimum quantity to order as a definite number or based on consumption

      . Pull up a report that shows the stock position, including complete details of open purchaseorders, sales orders that need to be fulfilled - check on past purchase history, and then place orders

      . Optionally stagger delivery dates in the PO

      When receiving goods:

      . Make entries in accordance with supporting documentation, including errors your suppliers could have made (say of multiplication & round off)

      . Incorporate additional costs

      . Automatically manage input taxes

      . Flexibility allows receipt of goods, quantities and rates different from that ordered - since this is common in real life

      . Record samples & free items (using different 'actual' & 'billed' quantities)

      . Multiple receipts for one order or one receipt for multiple orders, or against verbal ordersIn case there is a need to add other costs (say coolie and cartage) these additional charges can be apportioned to the cost of goods purchased.

      Supplied goods may not match your needs and these are managed by the 'Rejections Out' inventory voucher. Supplier dues, input taxes and inventory positions are updated.

      Suppliers often indicate likely profits, which may not be met. In case such assurances are made, you can look at Item profitability reports, and get the facts right. You could then negotiate a rebate and record this as a debit note.

      Keep tabs of how much is due to whom, when. Manage advances, payables & post dated checks. Ensure there are no errors in payments - print checks from Tally.ERP 9.

      Sales & Receivables: from Order to Receipt

      The lifeline of a business, efficiencies in sales operations, both of goods & services, directly impact growth and profitability. The need to optimise and keep a close watch here requires exceptional capabilities from your business IT system - and Tally.ERP 9 meets these demands.

      The sales process is supported with the following documents:

      . Quotations - records of quotes

      . Sales orders - accepted customer orders

      . Deliver Notes - documents that accompany goods

      . Sales Invoices/Cash Bill - to record the sale

      . Credit Notes - for financial adjustments

      . Rejections in - for goods returns

      . Receipts - for advances and receipts

      Do you have cash sales (sales across the counter)? With support for Point of Sale printers, bar codes and receipts in multiple tenders, you POS enable your business at no additional cost. Product sales may come with added services - and the integrated product & service billing will close this.

      Enforce credit limits, where needed. Along with the Payment Performance of Debtors report you can identify persistent problems and take necessary business decisions. Interest for delays & reminder letters aid in collection.

      For businesses engaged in Excisable goods, you get full support for Excise for Traders & Manufacturing Excise - matter of fact a business could be both!

      Make multiple deliveries from one order, or one from multiple orders - this common need is available across all documents of the sales process.

      Do you have multiple classes of customers? You can easily setup multiple prices (even in advance and specify the date from which they are effective).

      Discounts against the line, or for the document, additional charges as a percentage or lump sum, automatic round off of bill totals, automatic computation of VAT & Service tax, returns & exchanges are all available.Need to verify that you are making the desired sales margins? Item wise and bill wise profitability reports will help you keep tabs.


      Security: With multiple companies, possibly including personal accounts, you may need to control who gets access to which companies, and to do what. You can set up users, grant or deny access - and these are defined for each company.

      Remote Access: You choose to specify which company is accessible remotely. You choose which remote users have access; you decide what access a remote user gets.

      Central User Management: Users come and go. You might also have a password policy requiring users to change passwords every few weeks. You can take advantage of the ease of central user and password management that Tally.NET identities carry - and even remotely manage these while not in office.

      Special NeedsMulti-CompanyMulti-PeriodMulti-Cost/Profit CentresMulti-CurrencyMulti-UnitsMulti-Location InventorySecurity and Access Control Remote Access

      What is Series B

      This Series will deliver major enhancements both in entirely new areas of functionality as well as in technology capabilities.

      Technology & Capability Enhancements


      Support for multiple application windows, which can even be launched by clicking on a mail link or a 'shortcut., Each of these are simultaneous 'windows' into different areas of your business processes & reports. Dynamic data refresh and the display of different views when resizing - for e.g. smaller windows displaying a more consolidated view of data, will improve organizational management and productivity.


      A 'thread' is a specific task that is being performed by the microprocessor. Enhanced capabilities will be enabled such that each application window can perform more tasks simultaneously instead of linearly, including processing messages from the server. Multi-core processors, even on the desktop, are now common. We will take full advantage of these as well.

      Multi Stack Architecture for Scale-up & Scale-down Deployments

      To deliver the capabilities described above, and the ones that follow, Tally.ERP 9 will become 'componentised' - consisting of several layers of programs - often referred to as 'n-tier architecture'.

      These software components are horizontally scalable, meaning that you can add one more computer to increase the computing power needed for a layer. In the same way, you can remove systems as needed, or collapse them into a single system - all of them even on a notebook, if required.

      High Transaction Capacity with Low Latency & Management

      Let us say that you start generating a report that needs to be extracted from a few thousand vouchers. This process is run in a 'session', which is isolated from all other users. Even if other users delete or modify any of the vouchers needed for the report while the report is being compiled, there is no impact on this session and you will get to see the report as if these other users did not exist.

      In the same way, the user performing the edit will also be isolated. After the edit, he can open the voucher and see it with the changes he made, perhaps even delete it.

      The architecture described above will in itself deliver substantial performance and transaction handling capacity. To push performance further in those cases when the storage media (typically the hard disk) is busy with other operations, additional capabilities will store these transactions 'temporarily' in a 'Q' for later write, while the user is free to continue his work (these transactions are protected against power failures and so on).

      Payment Engine for Debit & Credit Cards

      The facility for online payments using a variety of payment mechanisms (NEFT, online banking, credit cards), as well as receive payments (Debit / Credit Cards, NEFT etc) will be available.

      Functional Enhancements

      Online Banking and Reconciliation

      Collaborating with Banks who wish to facilitate their customers with this capability, we will provide Online Banking - including Payment Instructions, Standing Instructions, DD, NEFT,RTGS Transfers, Balance Queries, Instruction Status, Automated or Semi-Automated Bank Reconciliation.

      Point-of-Sale for most Retail Environments

      Series B will support dedicated POS terminals, with Credit/Debit Card, Discount Coupons and various other payment mixes, Loyalty support, schemes, multi-layered supervisory control, simultaneous keyboard and scanner controls, integrated or isolated printing of bill and credit card authorisation slips, item substitution, rate markup/markdowns, integration with measuring devices - such as weighing scales, bill suspension and retrieval, bill reversals and cancellations, etc. It can also be used for other store operations (receipting, inventory management etc), and general business operations (finance and accounts) - both on the same machine or separate machines.

      Income Tax

      Comprehensive IT coverage encompassing corporate & individual income tax, including typical payroll requirements and e-Returns will be available.

      EXIM Documentation

      Import & export documentation has become a growing need with the world economy becoming more open. This requirement will be supported, additionally covering the processes that need to be managed along with the documentation.

      Job Costing

      The enhanced Job Costing functionality will support most job costing needs to a level of granularity that is increasingly needed. We expect that you will be able to handle most, if not all, project accounting needs as well.

      Fixed Assets

      To take advantage of tax breaks as well as to manage organizational assets, this feature will support all requirements - from opening assets, adding, removing, amalgamating, grouping, vendor tagging, AMC's, servicing, service calendars, repairs and upkeep, refurbishing, breaking-down, depreciating and disposal for complete fixed asset management.

      Tally Addons Manufacturing Excise software, Tally Report Writer, Material Requirement Planning, Audit TrailVoucher-Type Level Security, SMS Plugin for Tally


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    A trade name used in context of products by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based company

    A trade name used in context of products by SAP, which is a Germany based company


    • Tally.ERP 9
    • Tally.Developer 9
    • Shoper 9
    • Tally.Server 9
    Offers a range of products. Five enterprise applications of SAP business suite includes –
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    ERP Advantages
    • Concurrent Multilingual Capability
    • Payroll
    • POS Invoicing
    • Unlimited Companies
    • Data Synchronization
    • Consolidation of Companies
    • Enhanced Performance
    • Enhanced Stability
    • User Friendly
    • Short response time
    • The modules are completely connected
    • Scalable
    • Data can be entered without any complexity
    • Control functions keep a watch on errors

    User friendly

    Comparatively more. Easy to learn and generally does not require any professional training

    Comparatively less. Requires professional guidance and training

    Third party software support

    Comparatively low

    Comparatively very high

    Best suitable for

    Small to medium scale businesses

    Large scale businesses