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MiniSap for Windows 7 64Bits

Flavio Ferreira
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Hi people,


I have a notebook 64bits with Windows 7 installed.

I need to install the MiniSap program to pratice ABAP.

Someone knows where I find this program to download ?



tks for all,


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    Martin Maruskin
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    You common download link:



    For ABAP practicing purposes get the newest ABAP Stack version: "SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Developer Edition" currently @:





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    Paul Thomson
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    Flavio - the install will not work on W7 64bit. Best way is to run a virtual machine using Windows Server 2003 32bit.

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      Tomasz Mackowski
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      I you have Win7 x64 you can install & run trial MiniSap from Windows Xp mode ( http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx ).

      Works perfectly fine.

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        Geert Engelhardt
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        how did you manage the problem with the restriction if the server name for the minisap? I always get a generated name for the XP server.


        Best Geert

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        Geert Engelhardt
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        how did you manage the problem with the restriction of the server name for the minisap? I always get a generated name for the XP server which contains literals which are not allowed in the mini sap name.


        Best Geert


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          Jan Krohn
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          Go to control panel -> system -> system name, and change it there.


          Best wishes,


          • Re: MiniSap for Windows 7 64Bits --- logon notpossible as dispatcher is dow
            NithinKumar B
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            Hello Colleagues,


            Message server is up & running but dispatcher is currently down.


            when checked the logs in work directory:



            Wed Mar 30 16:25:02 2011

                • DP_FATAL_ERROR => main: rdisp/myname=VirtualXP-84588_NSP_00 exceeds 20 characters




                • DISPATCHER EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN => main: rdisp/myname=VirtualXP-84588_NSP_00 exceeds 20 characters

            NiWait: sleep (5000ms) ...

            NiISelect: timeout 5000ms

            NiISelect: maximum fd=1

            NiISelect: read-mask is NULL

            NiISelect: write-mask is NULL

            Wed Mar 30 16:25:07 2011

            NiISelect: TIMEOUT occured (5000ms)

            DpHalt: shutdown server >< (normal)


            Switch off Shared memory profiling

            ShmProtect( 57, 3 )

            ShmProtect(SHM_PROFILE, SHM_PROT_RW

            ShmProtect( 57, 1 )

            ShmProtect(SHM_PROFILE, SHM_PROT_RD

            call semaphore clean-up function ...

            ***LOG Q0E=> DpSigGenHandler, Exception (c0000005) [dpnttool.c   439]


            C-STACK -

            SAP (R) - R/3(TM) Callstack, Version 1.0

            Copyright (C) SAP AG. All rights reserved.


            Application exception occurred:

            Exception : c0000005 (Access Violation)

            App       : disp+work.EXE (pid=3064)

            When      : 3/30/2011 16:25:8.649

            Threads   : 1


            Computer Name       : VXP-84588

            User Name           : SYSTEM


            Number of Processors: 1

            Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5

            Windows Version     : 5.1 Current Build: 2600


            State Dump for Thread Id bfc


            eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000000 edx=00000000 esi=00000000 edi=00000000

            eip=0042d04a esp=0440e8ec ebp=0440f938 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc

            cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=003b  gs=0000             efl=00010246



            function : <nosymbols>

                    0042d031 33db             xor     ebx,ebx

                    0042d033 33f6             xor     esi,esi

                    0042d035 395d08           cmp     [ebp+0x8],ebx          ss:0881cd1a=????????

                    0042d038 741f             jz      TmConnect+0x28323 (0042d059)

                    0042d03a 8b7508           mov     esi,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0881cd1a=????????

                    0042d03d a1240e1f02 mov eax,[EntLev+0x5dd6b8 (021f0e24)] ds:021f0e24=00000000

                    0042d042 4e               dec     esi

                    0042d043 f7de             neg     esi

                    0042d045 1bf6             sbb     esi,esi

                    0042d047 83e6c6           and     esi,0xc6

            FAULT-> 0042d04a 889824170000     mov     [eax+0x1724],bl              ds:00001724=??

                    0042d050 891d54081f02                                    ds:021f0854=00000000

                                              mov     [EntLev+0x5dd0e8 (021f0854)],ebx

                    0042d056 83c63c           add     esi,0x3c

                    0042d059 a164081f02 mov eax,[EntLev+0x5dd0f8 (021f0864)] ds:021f0864=00000000

                    0042d05e 3bc3             cmp     eax,ebx

                    0042d060 0f84b4000000     je      TmConnect+0x283e4 (0042d11a)

                    0042d066 ff3558081f02                                    ds:021f0858=00000000

                                              push    dword ptr [EntLev+0x5dd0ec (021f0858)]

                    0042d06c 50               push    eax

                    0042d06d e8d2390100       call    TmConnect+0x3bd0e (00440a44)

                    0042d072 84c0             test    al,al

                    0042d074 59               pop     ecx

                    0042d075 59               pop     ecx


            --> Stack Back Trace <--

            FramePtr ReturnAd Param#1  Param#2  Param#3  Param#4  Function Name

            0440f938 00410b39 00000001 002c66a8 00000002 0440fdbc TmConnect

            0440f974 00587e4c 00000000 00000000 0440fdbc 00ffa921 TmConnect

            00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 DpTrc




            Wed Mar 30 16:25:08 2011

            call clean-up function ...

                • ERROR => SigICallExitRoutine: not initialized [signt.c      304]

            return from clean-up function ...





            here,i tried changing the computer name as well,but still i could not logon to NSP through SAP logon pad.Kindly have a look.


            everything looks fine from installation point of view except dispatcher is down & the logon error says resource temporarily unavailable.



            Many Thanks,