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asset purchase

sumit barik
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hi! all


I am very new in SAP MM, can any body provide me asset purchase procedure in sap? plz help,

i require asset purchase procedure from Purchase requisition to MIGO...


plz help

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    Antony Vijay
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    Account assignement category should be A (You can check its customization in OME9). You need to create PR with it. It will ask for Asset number. Asset number will be created in AS01. Then the GR can be non valauted also (check in OME9).

    Covert PR to PO. Then GR and IV. System takes asset account instead of material account. If you wish to have material code then you should use non valuated material code for asset purchase.




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    vinayak s
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    See below the steps to process the procurement of Assets:


    1. Create requisition ME51N


    2. Release PR if release procedure applicable- ME54N


    3. Create Asset Master by Finance department.- AS01


    4. Create PO (ME21N) with ref to the requisition. Ensure that you select the Account assignment category as 'A'. Enter the asset number, in account assignment tab. The PO can be created without material or if it with material to keep a track on the stock, you can use Non-valuated material type.


    5. Release PO - ME29N or ME28


    6. Print PO (ME9F)


    7. Carry out GR against the PO (MIGO)


    8. Advise finance to update the Asset Master (AS02)


    Hope this helps





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    Sambit Mohanty
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    Hi Sumit


    You have to maintain Non-valuated material for the Asset so as to capture the taxes during procurement cycle. First create non-val material forthe asset to be procured. tell your FI/CO guy to have  asset code which will be linked to a cost object during its creation if it is required.  When you will be creating  PR or PO  the system will need a cost object against which Asset will be procured. So ask your FI guy against what you should prcocure. Mostly it  Internal Orders/cost center which is used but may vary from client to client.


    Now create the the PR with account assignment as A , enter the correspondinng material no. quanitty also, system will prompt you to enter the  asset no. if it is already assigned with a internal order then it wil pick itslef or else it has to be entered manually or use cost center as required all these details you have to enter in account assignment tab. Save the arrangement.


    Adopt this PR to create PO by entering other details like a normal PO including the tax code.  You should have maintained the tax settings applicable for an Asset material. check the details in po level.


    Do the GR and capture the Taxes


    DO the MIRO