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Netweaver CE 7.11 / 7.12 installations -- ALWAYS 500 Internal Server Error

james hawthorne
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Hi all

I've tried following EXACTLY two CE7.11 versions and the CE 7.12 Netweaver developer edition trials -- but after the home page I always get 500 Internal Server Error with a lot of diagnostics



*"Application error occurred during the request procession."*


*Details: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.exceptions.WDRuntimeException: Failed to retrieve client for current request. Causing exception is  nested.*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.task.Task.getClient(Task.java:493)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.um.ClientUserFactory.checkAuthentication(ClientUserFactory.java:200)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.core.um.AbstractClientUserFactory$1.checkAuthentication(AbstractClientUserFactory.java:151)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.sal.um.api.WDClientUser.checkAuthentication(WDClientUser.java:214)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.RequestManager.checkAuthentication(RequestManager.java:681)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.RequestManager.doProcessing(RequestManager.java:212)*

*     at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.core.sessionctx.AbstractExecutionContextDispatcher.delegateToRequestManager(*



*     ......Loads  more errors*

Now I MUST be doing something idiotic but I just can't find out what's wrong -- Both the server boxes are GREEN, I have plenty of storage on the workstation and have followed ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY including ensuring the database has been started correctly.


Turned of ALL firewalls just for simplicity -- no difference.


The initial home menu page appears correctly but if I click on ANY of the options then I get the error noted above -- and that's on 3 totally different CE installations.


Any ideas --the ABAP trial system installed fine on another workstation --its the JAVA one I have problems with