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How to add some extra parameter in SAP instance profile

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Dear Gurus,


I want to add login/min_password_lng and login/fails_to_user_lock in my instance profile.Please guide me the steps how I can add this by using RZ10 T.Code so that it takes changes in program RSPARAM.In our scenario we have 1 CI server and 2 application server.


Please guide me the steps so that I add this parameter.


Advance Thanks


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    Bhavik G. Shroff
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    1. Execute RZ10 T-code


    2. Choose the Instance Profile such as <SID>_DVEBMGS00_<HOSTNAME>,<SID>_D00_<HOSTNAME>


    3. In Edit Profile , select "Extended Maintenance"


    4. The Profile will be open in Display mode. To Add/change the new Profile Parameter, the Profile needs to be in Change mode.


    5. To add New Profile Parameter Push Create/ Press F5,


    6. New Screen will be generated with Parameter Name and Parameter Value Inputs. Provide the required parameter name and its value (in your case [login parameters|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/Helpdata/EN/22/41c43ac23cef2fe10000000a114084/content.htm]). Then Press Copy.


    8. Once the changes are made, choose Copy to return to the initial screen of Transaction RZ10.


    9.Then save and activate the profile that has been changed.


    10. After this the instance has to be restarted.



    Bhavik G. shroff

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    chaitanya nagalla
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    Hi  Nirmal Sharma          ,


    Here is the step by step procedure to change the parameters.


    Log in to SAP system

    open the transaction RZ10

    in the profile column give F4 and select the instance profile of the CI(SID_DVEBMGS<nr>_'hostname')

    Select Etended maintenance

    Click on change button

    Then click on the Create Parameter button

    Give the parameter which u want to change

    Change the parameter value to your required value

    click on copy button

    go back and then click on copy button

    go back and click on the save button

    if it says "Incorrect parameters detected you want to display" then say no

    Do you want to activate the profile - say yes

    "Profile SID_DVEBMGS<nr>_hostname (version 0000XX) saved and activated - Say yes

    and then add the other parameter also

    do the same for the other application servers also.

    This will take effect once after restart of SAP.





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    Eric Brunelle
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    This is covered in SAP course ADM100.