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What is ESA (Enterprise Services Architecture) ?

Saif Sabri
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I want to know about what is ESA, brief introduction with example.

Whether it is new advance name of ERP?


My observation is that ESA is a merger of ERP, CRM, SCM

It is new name of Industry Solution that cover all the area of business.



Saif Ali Sabri



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    Michael Eacrett
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    ESA (now called Enterprise SOA) is SAP view on the SOA concept. There is an extensive section here in SDN on the topic. It is the Enterprise SOA section on the left navigation panel.


    With regard to the ERP renaming part, mySAP ERP will not be renamed but it will move to use and implement the Enterprise SOA concept as an application built on the concept. SAP NetWeaver is architecture and infrstructure implementation of Enterprise SOA.


    I really urge you to have a look in SDN for more information and on the SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com/ESA).




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    Satish Kumar Burra
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    Hi Saif,


    ESA is the style or a methodology to build applications which reflects SAP's 30 years of experience and latest IT advancements such as webservices.


    ESA helps you in building Flexible applications which can adopt the changes whenever occured in the market.


    Remember ESA is not a product nor a design for single product ,we can't buy it.


    ESA is sap's new vision and we can realize this using Netweaver.


    Please surf in SDN We have plenty of informationon on ESA.




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    Ajay Kumar Pasuvula
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    Saif ,


    I will try to bring ESA to its Granules.

    ESA circles around 2 Cs They are Composites and Components.


    Components --> Are the systems in your landscape i.e R/3, CRM, APO and also non SAP system etc.


    Composite --> are the business processes cutting across your system landscape. For example Order-to-Cash. Which involves R/3, CRM and other customer system. This are nothing but xApps.developed by SAP or Partners


    Component and Composites are connected or build based on the Netweaver Platform called as Business process Platform.

    It looks like this

    Composite <-> Netweaver Platform <-> Components


    Architecture which supports this business model is called

    ESOA (Formally called ESA).


    I hope this will give you some idea about ESA.




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    Navaneeth Jalagam
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    Firstly, ESA = SOA + business context. So when we are talking about ESA adoption, it means SOA plus business process oriented view of technology. ESA, itself is not a technology layer. It is a business focued approach to a services-oriented enterprise architecture adoption. So while all the patterns of SOA apply, ESA will talk about how to align business and IT. It will talk about IT governance models, for that matter. It will talk about how organizations need to realign for transforming into an agile enterprise. The ESA composer (can be compared to ASAP roadmap content) has a lot of content for organizations on ESA adoption phases. I am sure as more content and case studies are added, it will be easier to customers to adopt ESA.


    Hope this Helps.



    Navaneeth Jalagam

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    Hi everybody,

    here is a fine link to a great source for further E SOA explanations (basics and advanced).

    The link forwards you to the ESACup 2006 soccer game, where you may learn more about E SOA via training your team for the ESACup (nice prices, like PSP or iPod available)!


    <a href="http://esacup.wdf.sap.corp:1080/">ESA Cup 2006</a>

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