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FI document transfer to SL

Regina Tsai
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dear all,

   i have a question about FI document transfer to SL table:


   i found some GL accts balance in one period not the same with SL summary table,then use GCU1 to

   transfer data to SL table,from log display: some document can't post due to it already transfer to ledger.

   after analysis this kind of data,they are belong to MM document and when one GL acct was posted,

   another GL acct in the same FI document can't be post .


   i have no idea how to transfer this kind of documents by GCU1,even i try to delete SL data by GCDE then repost,

   still can't solve this.


   i check activities assign in ledger,the MM activies post indicator were assign to 3,is this correct for GCU1 post?


   in GCU1 there has 2 indicators: "check for existing records" & "transfer MM,SD& HR docs",as my problem here,

   i know there also have GCU3,GCU5... to transfer MM,SD document,but i don't know should i must execute them

   because it's difficult to get data,current i have GL acct to check balance between SL & FI

   how to switch these indicators or i really need to execute transfer from MM,SD...?


   or is there any way to make GL summary table acct balance the same with FI acct balance?



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    Regina Tsai
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    after i do GCDE to delete all data(line item,summary data and index table),and execute GCU1 by period

    (indicator "check existing record" & " transfer from MM,SD" were ON).

    FI documents almost posted to ledger,some documents have log as "document was posted already".

    This kinds of documents are originated from MM document:


    ex. FI document

    DR. 12051000    $10

        CR. 57110000   $10


    and transfer acct balance for these 2 accts are 12051000 balance -$10,57110000 balance +$10

    even total balance is the same as FI ,but by accts balance is not.

    i don't understand why almost all FI document which originated from MM are posted ok,just 1~2 documents not.

    how to correct it?