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John sat
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Dear all ,


One of your sapuser got the issue in SAP .


kindly check the below ST22 logs.


SAPGUI sends unexpected data


What happened?

    Invalid data was received in the RFC handling within the kernel.


Error analysis

    An error occurred on the client on which the SAPGUI is being executed.

    As a result, data was sent to the R3 server via RFC even though the

    server is not expecting any.


How to correct the error

    Check whether the environment variable RFC_GUI_FIX_CP=1 is set on your

    front-end system. If it is and the error occurs frequently, you can

    temporarily solve the problem by setting this variable to 0.

    >>>However, do not change this variable if it was set explicitly and its

     functions are required<<<

    Search for further information in the note system.


kindly advise.