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Gorka Medinabeitia
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Hi Experts,


can anybody explain to me the differences between NETCH, NETPL, NEUPL when running MRP (transaction MD01)?


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    Ninad Samarth
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    There are three different planning process types:

    • Regenerative planning: processing key NEUPL

    • Net change planning in the total horizon: processing key NETCH

    • Net change planning in the planning horizon: processing key NETPL.


    In order to speed up requirements planning, it can be limited to a certain

    planning horizon with the processing key NETPL. Only those requirements

    that are within the planning horizon are then covered by receipts.


    As time passes, requirements can fall in the planning horizon even thought

    they have not yet been covered by receipts. If no other changes relevant to

    planning occur, these requirements will only be covered during the next

    planning run over the entire time frame (with processing key NETCH or

    NEUPL). So that these requirements are also taken into consideration,

    execute a net change planning according to the net change procedure

    every so often, using processing key NETCH.


    Planning with the processing key NEUPL concerns regenerative

    planning. The system plans all materials that are included in the planning

    file, irrespective of the indicators.


    If you change settings in Customizing for requirements planning, such

    as settings for a MRP type, a lot-sizing procedure or the purchasing

    processing time, the materials affected by these changes do not have a

    change indicator in the planning file. A planning run with processing key

    NETCH or NETPL does not consider these materials, if planning file entry

    NETCH or NETPL is set for a material. After these changes, it is therefore a

    good idea to start a planning run with the processing key NEUPL, so that

    the Customizing changes become effective. All materials in the planning

    file are therefore considered in the planning run.


    Hope it helps.