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PB00 and PBXX- Difference ?

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SOme body can tel me , what is the difference between the these conditions , both for gross price ( PB00 & PBXX).


If possible explain me with some example.


If any othere condition are there in PRicing -MM , exaplin me .



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    Kishore Kumar Galla
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    PB00 will be called by pricing procedure automatically when pricing master record is maintained. If no master record for pricing is maintained, and if you enter manually the price in the Purchasing document, for example, it automatically calls PBXX. No impact....both will serve the same purpose....



    PB00 is the price entered manually in the info record.


    When no PB00 is found, the standard pricing procedures look if there has already been created a purchase order. If so, it tries to copy the price of the last purchase order. This is noted in the purchase order as PBxx.


    PR00 is the standard sales price.


    This means that those pricing conditions have to be filled in via the info record.


    Nice reply only it's wrong. PB00 is the price found using any condition access, not just info record. ANd PB00 does have an access sequence assigned to it.


    Conditions like FRx1 don't have an access sequence.


    This means that you enter those conditions on the inforecord or directly on the purchase order.






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    Umakant Bhangale
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    PB00 is with acess seq that is condition recored is to be maintained

    PBXX is manual cond with out acess seq


    Eg for PB00 is if u maintain inforrecord this is the condition record and price in PO with be taken from Info rec for PB00

    and if Infor record is not maintaine that when u maintain price directely in PO then PBXX comes in pitcher

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    Raman S
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    For a material vendor combination you are entering the price manually then use condition type PBXX.


    If a info record exists for a vendor material combination then it will pick PB00.


    Hope it clear





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    Raja Ramasamy
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    1. PB00 - automatic condition-conditions can be populated using condition records nothing info record .It assigned with acess sequence


    2.PBXX -manual condition .it does not have access sequence .


    Depends on the client's requirement we use any one of the condition type.


    for eg:

    if number of materials are more ,if it is tedious to mainatian info records then we have to use PBXX(manual ) only

    for first time/one time we can use PBXX

    for other case you can use PB00