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Scheduling Agreement and Quota arrangement

shruthi rai
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Dear all,


Kindly share with me the individual steps involved in in creating Scheduling Agreement as well as Quota arrangement procurement process with T.Codes and also the relevant configurations involved.


Thanks a lot.

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    Ninad Kshirsagar
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    Please go through the first Post in this forum or else follow the previous posts in this forum.


    Please see the below links









    Ninad Kshirsagar

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    Antony Anburaj J
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    ME31l - To Create Scheduling Agreement


    MEQ1 - For Creating Quota Arrangement


    For Config related settings, ask me your requirements, i'll guide you

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    Sujith Babu Kurian
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    Sheduling agreement

    Use ME31l to create Sheduling Agreement.

    Then use ME38 to shedule your delivery. Here use the (delivery shedule) at top shedule your delivery.

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    Here is all about Quota arrangement :


    Following are the configurations.


    1) To specify number range for quota arrangement


    SPRO > IMG > MM > Purchasing> Quota arrangement> Define number range (Int or Ext)


    2) Set Quota arrangement usage indicator:


    SPRO > IMG > MM > Purchasing> Quota arrangement> Define quota arrangement usage

    On Application side following are the prerequisites

    1) Create Quota arrangement

    SAP Menu> Logistic> MM > Purchasing> Master Data> Quota arrangement > Maintain

    2)specify procurement type : Int / Ext

    3)Where appropriate specify the special procurement type For ex stock transfer

    4) Enter the vendor or supplying plant

    5) Specify the quota you want to assign to this source

    Please understand terms as below,

    Quota Rating = Quota allocated Qty +Quota Base Qty /Quota

    Quota Base Qty: Quantity used for manual control of the quota Arrangement (For example new source is included)

    Quota: Number that determines how requirement are apportioned among various sources .Decided by a Purchasing people based on confidence on source.

    I source determination source with lowest quota arrangement will always be assigned


    Source Quota    allocated Qty      Quota Rating

    M             1                   100                     100

    N              2                   150                     75

    O             3                     75                      25 *

    In above case vendor O will be assigned as low Rating *

    Now quota Base Qty will come into picture when new supplier is introduced. As you have seen that vendor with low quota Rating is assigned .In case of new supplier as no allocated qty earlier its Quota rating will always be low & all Qty will be allocated to him. To prevent this Base qty is added to allocated Qty so that accordingly it will determined accordingly

    If Quota base Qty is 100   & quota is 2

    For new vendor X rating will be

    Quota rating = 100 + 0 / 2 = 50

    I hope this gives you entire clarity.




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    Here is all about sceduling aggreement:

    Scheduling agreement: A scheduling agreement is a form of outline purchase agreement under which materials are procured on predetermined dates within a certain time period.

    We can release JIT or Forecast schedules through scheduling agreement & also can be generated automatically through MRP.

    Advantage of scheduling agreement:

    1) Reduce processing time - (PO /Contracts Rel order replaced)

    2) Schedule line is a part of agreement hence less paper work

    3) Low warehouse stock & better Inventory management (As JIT possible)

    4) Since long term commitment better Negotiation possible commercially.

    Steps to create SA


    1. T code : ME31L ( Type LPA)

    2. T code M33 >  Follow on function > Del schedule > Maintain ( Me38)

    3. Change  Sch Aggreement ( ME32L) > main Sch agrement schdule> Generate JIT sch & Forecsat sch

    4. Output message

    5. MIGO

    6. MIRO




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    shruthi rai
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    Thanks a lot to all