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Difference between PBXX and PB00!

tasleem mulla
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Dear friends what is the difference between condition types PBXX and PB00. I am creating a service PO. At the time of creation of PO before saving it, condition tab reveals PRS is getting updatedwith the price that has been entered. Once i save the PO and check it again, condition tab displays PBXX instead of PRS and it is equal to PRS + expected value in PO header. Once i save the PO, again in the entry sheet the entered amount is equal to PRS. What is actually happening?

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    Edit Szabo
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    on service level the purchase order uses the calculation schema MS0000. In Customizing, you can do this via the menu path   

    -> Materials Management -> Purchasing               

    -> Functions -> Cond. for services                  

    -> Conditions: schema for services                  

    This calculation schema requires 2 condition types for the gross price: one for automatic price determination (standard: PRS) and one for manual maintenance (standard: PRSX).



    On the purchasing level it uses the calculation schema RM0000.



    Manual conditions on service level are always considered as PRSX condition.

    This manual conditions get forwarded to the purchasing (higher) level and get into the manual condition PBXX.



    Please check the notes 25357 and 27024.




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    Sunny kumar
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    There are two types of condition type that one condition type which have access sequence associated with them.In such types of the condition record are maintained and the records are read  based on t he search startegy defined in the Acess sequence.


    PB00 is condition type for price havig acess sequence associated .


    Where as the condition type PBXX is  manual condition ( access sequence attached )



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    Sunil Tammuneni
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    Both the Condition Types PB00 & PBXX are Condition Types related to Gross Price.Both the Condition types will ahve the same Step number with a different counter.

    PBXX is a manual Condition Type and will not have any Access Sequence assigned to it. It can be entered only manually in the Purchasing document.

    PB00 is an Automatic Condition type and an Access Sequence will be assigned to it. whenever a Condition record founds, then it will be updated in the Purchasing document with the price from the Condition Record.If there is no Valid Condition record founds, then PB00 will not be included instead PBXX can be entered manualy.