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Inserting Dynamic Images in to a Crystal Report 10

Preethi Reddy
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Hi all,


I am trying to insert dynamic pictures into my report from repository, by getting the path for the picture from database fields. The version that I am using is Crystal Reports 10.

Here is what I have done.


I inserted an OLE object into the report, went to "Format Graphics" by right clicking on the OLE object, then to "Hyperlink" Tab (as I didn't see anything other than "Reset" button and picture dimension options under the "Picture" tab), and selected "File" Radio button (as I didn't want to display the picture as Hyperlink) and gave the @Filepath as the formula there. @Filepath is the formula that gives me the complete path for the JPEG that I need to insert in the report.


filepath = field A + field B

where field A is the location for the image and field B is the actual image name.

the actual image is located in repository folder.


I am not able to see the image in the report "Preview" section as it is showing it has an empty box and when I click on that empty OLE object, I am able to view the image in a separate window where as my requirement is to view the image within the report (not in a separate window).

I didn't find anything useful under Format Graphics -> Picture tab.


I appreciate any kind of help from you all.