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SOAP: call failed: java.io.EOFException: Connection closed by remote host

André Schillack
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Hi folks,


my friday crusher:


We have a sync RFC-PI-SOAP scenario.

All is working fine in Dev system.


After moving into Test following error is displayed as the SOAP response message:


- <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="http://sap.com/xi/XI/Message/30" xmlns:SOAP="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">


  <SAP:Code area="MESSAGE">GENERAL</SAP:Code>

  <SAP:P1 />

  <SAP:P2 />

  <SAP:P3 />

  <SAP:P4 />

<SAP:AdditionalText>com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessagingException: java.io.EOFException: Connection closed by remote host.</SAP:AdditionalText>

  <SAP:Stack />




Also Channel Monitoring says:

Message-Verarbeitung fehlgeschlagen. Grund: com.sap.engine.interfaces.messaging.api.exception.MessagingException: java.io.EOFException: Connection closed by remote host.


Couldn´t find any hints in SDN and the web to this issue.

Does anyone of you has made experiences with that problem?


Maybe it´s a system parameter for time out SOAP connections....?


Many thanks for your help


have a great weekend!