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How to track data changes in SAP

zero cool
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Hello experts,


Iu2019m working on a project with a team of NON SAP architects and weu2019ve been asked to come up with some idea to keep a track of all the changes happened in SAP system by any user. So for instance let say if use makes a change and save it then this change should be gets recorded somewhere in SAP with the use, date, time, new data and pervious data. Also it should only happen when a change is made. So let say of there any change happens in SAP regardless of any t-code it should get save. Iu2019m not certain how to accomplish it. I need your expert advice please.


Thanks a lot in advance

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    Krishnendu Laha
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    There is standard table CDHDR (which has user id option) and CDPOS which store changed data....

    the prerequisite:

    data element of field should have change flag marked...



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    Mylene Euridice Dorias
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    In addition to the information given by  Krishnendu Laha you can evaluate every change document with one of the reports the names of which start with RSSCD* (SA38) as well as in the causing transaction.


    Keep in mind, though - not all transactions create change documents, some use other kinds of histories and some don't even do that.


    You should gather the team that has been demanding those change-documentation and have them specify the business processes (or -steps) where change-documents are a conditio-sine-qua-non and check what SAP standard has in to offer you. Evaluate the gaps (if there are any) and then you can define how to bridge them.