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SPUMG: Exception List

Pooja Kohli
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Hi Experts


I am doing the unicode migration from 4.7 Ext 200 support package level 62.


I am referring the guide Single Code Page System Conversion to Unicode 6.20

Valid for:

SAP_BASIS 6.20 SP 62 - 64


while performing the step 2.1.3 Exception List


The exception list is provided as XML file attached to SAP Note 996990. You must upload this file once. Select Download Exception List from note 996990 and save the XML file to your local PC.Then select Update the SPUMG exception tables and upload the XML file.



for me i am not getting the option to UPDATE THE spumg  exception tables and upload the xml file.


as per old messages messages in sdn it says system should have 620 version with level 60.

Mine is a bit higher but still unable to get that option.


Please suggest.




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    Santosh Karadkar
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    Hello ,


    As per SAP Note :662215 - SPUMG and SUMG in Basis Release 6.20, 6.40 and 7.0X



    The new entrance screen exist and the upload of the Exception List was revised






    If you are running on SP62 the upload of the Exception List must appear.




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      Pooja Kohli
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      mine is a single code page system


      Displayed fields:   2 of   2  Fixed columns:                1  List




         1100       1100



      with only one entry as shown above..

      Is it dependent on that.



      I can no where see the tab for upload.i have applied complete stack all components as per sap basis 620 version level 62




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        Nils Buerckel
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        You can upload the file in the initial screen of SPUMG only.

        If you already started SPUMG, you have to go for

        Scanner --> Restart SPUMG.

        Then in the initial screen you should see the button:

        "Download Exception List from note 996990"


        In the Info button you should find:


        The SPUMG exceptions list contains a set of database tables which must be handled in a special way during the SPUMG analysis and during the Unicode conversion. For instance the exception list contains tables


        - which are obsolete and do not have to be analyzed by SPUMG

        - which contain data from only one code page. Such tables do not have to be analyzed by SPUMG and have to be converted with the corresponding code page


        The exception list is provided by note 996990 as an XML file. This file must be uploaded once at SPUMG startup. The exception list cannot be replaced completely after starting the SPUMG analysis but single entries can be modified manually if necessary.


        SAP recommends to download the newest version of the XML file from note 996990 (for version information please read note 996660)


        Best  regards,

        Nils Buerckel

        SAP AG